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Tosaf is your one-stop-shop for color masterbatches, taking a coordinated approach to deliver creative solutions that meet all your color, functional and compliance needs.

With a long track record of color development and one of the highest number of sales people and technicians of any competitor in our field, we have the expertise and technical capability required to produce an exact color match quickly. In fact, we currently match and produce 150 color masterbatches each week.

Having forged partnerships with customers across all relevant industries, we enjoy close ties to their in-house development departments. This coordinated approach ensures that we understand the technology and product lines of our customers. Whether injection molding, blow molding or extrusion, we will advise you on what is possible and push the boundaries to create the precise solution that works for you.


Technical Competence

Matching colors requires wide-ranging expertise of pigments, polymers and additives. Taking into account your specific requirements and functional needs, we have the technical competence to create complex colors for use in virtually all polymers. Our colors are used in a range of applications and across industries as diverse as automotive, packaging, household goods and textiles & fibers. Injection molding customers in particular trust our patented Universal-Masterbatch® for engineering polymers.


Our sales and technical teams on the ground offer a truly personal service, working closely with you to find the exact color solution you require. We have a large team of 250 people dedicated to colors and dozens of color extrusion lines running – so we can quickly match and produce your color within a matter of days. We are flexible enough to meet the needs of clients large or small, across a range of industries, working with a variety of polymers. Whether you need 5kg of masterbatch or four truckloads, we can deliver.

Global Knowledge

We bring all the benefits of our global reach to your local market. Being one of the top 5 masterbatch companies globally, we are a true partner to leading raw material suppliers. We have access to cutting edge innovation in pigments, colorants and stabilization packages and have a distinct level of supply security at cost-effective terms. You can be sure that our color masterbatches comply with the relevant quality standards and we can advise you on compliance with your local regulations and legislation.

Industrial Applications


As one of the preferred providers of tier-1 producers worldwide, we produce masterbatches for all the large automotive brands. Our colors are used in interiors, exteriors and electrical parts. With more than 500 running OEM colors and a deep understanding and extensive experience of the specific requirements of the automotive industry, we are not only a valued partner, but one of the market leaders in this field. In fact, 50% of cars manufactured around the world today use Tosaf red masterbatch in their seat belt push button.

Electrical & Electronic

Differentiation in design and style is essential in creating consumer appeal for electronic and electrical goods. As a leading supplier of color, black and functional masterbatches, we are the partner of choice to the electrical and electronics sector.


Our color masterbatches are used across a wide range of packaging applications. In food packaging, we have developed many brownish and golden colors for use in thermoformed plastic packaging used by cookie and chocolate brands. Our masterbatches for cups & closures contain special non-warping pigments and slip additives for easy opening. In the cosmetics market, our kneading technology ensures the soft production of effect pigments, resulting in brilliant silver and gold colors. Our optimized production times and processes allow us to deliver color masterbatches quickly, effectively at a competitive price. Combined with our raw material knowledge, this enables us to be one of the few global suppliers of the well-known blue barrels or industrial-sized waste containers. We are also one of the global leaders in the crates market, serving nearly all food & beverage companies.

Home, Sport & Leisure

At Tosaf, we are able to manufacture almost any polymer in almost any amount at a competitive price. In toy manufacturing, our tried and true masterbatches offer the vivid, bright colors that inspire children and fire their imagination. Whether you choose from our 500 standard colors, or require a specific color match, our strict adherence to European and international safety standards guarantees you the highest product safety and first-class quality. Our intensive market observation revealed an increasing need for special effect colors for household electronic equipment. Using special pigments and a unique carrier substance with special melting characteristics, our universal masterbatch ensures that the final product shows fewer flow lines with special effect paints. Today, we supply well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of kitchen equipment.

Textile & Fiber

Non-woven, carpet and raffia fibers in particular have a wide range of applications in modern life. Our extensive experience in synthetic fibers allows us to develop a wide range of colors and value-adding additives, and even create new fashions for tailor-made products, all of which can improve the quality of our clients’ products. For a color materbatch to be suitable for this application, it must contain pigments with high light fastness and weatherability, and high dispersion to avoid tears in the fabrics. Our high-quality color masterbatch gives producers these qualities.


In agriculture, color masterbatches are actually considered to be additives, differentiated by their unique ability to reflect, absorb or transmit specific sections of the light spectrum according to the required specification. Our unique range of colors for agriculture have performance characteristics such as high durability, high stability, and ease of processing.


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