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    Antiviral Additives: Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

    Tosaf developed a unique antiviral & antimicrobial additive that can be added to masks and protective applications, thus helping keep people safe from viruses and bacteria – including the novel coronavirus. 

    In this article, we will introduce our new antiviral additives. These additives are designed especially for polyolefin nonwoven fabrics and films that are used to manufacture protective masks and apparel used by individuals worldwide. If you would like to know more about these innovative additives, we urge you to contact us.

    The Antiviral Additives that Respond to COVID-19

    Once COVID-19 became a global pandemic, it became clear that all industries should harness their innovation to create new solutions that respond to this new reality. This was especially true in Israel, where the Israel Innovation Authority, also known as IIA, decided to grant special funds to companies from all sectors, who could develop such groundbreaking solutions. Over 750 companies applied for the grant, and only 35 were chosen – including Tosaf. 

    Our expertise is additives and masterbatches, and therefore we were certain we could create a groundbreaking new additive that could help in the fight against COVID-19. Tosaf assembled a special R&D team for this unique project, which was led by three of our R&D experts: Yafit Moyal, Tosaf’s R&D Manager, Dr. Moira Nir, who was appointed Program Manager, and Dr. Evgevi Zelikman, the company’s Chief Innovation Scientist.

    Honored to be working on a task of such monumental importance, the team set up the program’s headquarters in Tosaf’s Alon Tavor Plant in northern Israel. The team felt confident it could succeed in its mission, as it was backed by Tosaf’s vast industry knowledge and global product innovation experience. The goal was to formulate a solution that would be not only very efficient from a viral standpoint, but would also be cost-effective to manufacture and implement.

    Additives for Hygienic Plastics

    Throughout this cutting-edge project, Tosaf’s R&D team is formulating a unique additive for polyolefin nonwoven fabrics and films, which displays dominant antiviral and antimicrobial characteristics. This additive will be added during the manufacturing process of different protective apparel, including masks, disposable gear and medical wear. 

    Making Effective Masks Even More Effective

    Vaccines aside, people have a few basic tools in their arsenal, which they can use to protect themselves from COVID-19 and stop it from spreading. One of these tools is the face mask. Face masks have become absolutely mandatory in the global fight against the pandemic, and are essential in allowing us to maintain a normal lifestyle. 

    Masks in fact do protect us, but while their effectiveness is high, it is nevertheless limited. COVID-19 is highly contagious, especially indoors. In fact, blocked virus particles can remain on the mask’s outer surface, and can still infect the person wearing the mask at a later time. So, if there is anything we can do to augment our personal protection, then we must do it. This is where Tosaf’s antiviral additives come in. 

    When it comes to face masks, these antiviral additives offer numerous advantages: 

    User protection: Face mask manufacturers can add the antiviral & antimicrobial additive to the mask’s outer layer. By doing so, all viral particles (and bacteria) that “stick” to the mask’s surface will be abolished, and mask wearers’ protection will be enhanced. 

    Protection of people in proximity of the user: Unfortunately, some mask wearers are infected with COVID-19 (or other viruses) and are not aware of it. Therefore, when they come in contact with other people, there is chance they will transmit the virus. Tosaf’s antiviral & antimicrobial additive greatly reduces this risk, because as soon as virus particles leave the mask’s inner area, they must come in contact with the additive before entering the open air. The additive will destroy these harmful particles before they have an opportunity to infect other people. 

    Medical team protection: Antiviral additives can also be applied to protective medical gear worn by medical staff. This is incredibly important, as medical professionals come in contact with viruses and bacteria on a daily basis, yet we depend on them to remain healthy and treat individuals that require medical attention. They are the backbone of the fight against COVID-19. 

    Helping stop the spread of the virus: In order to stop the pandemic, and to slowly get up from its tragic effects, the virus’s transmittal rate must be significantly reduced. Therefore, the more people wear effective masks – including masks with unique anti virus additives – the easier it will be to win the war against COVID-19.

    Why is Additive Innovation So Important?

    Industries that rely on plastic additives are constantly changing, adapting to new environments, and using new products. As a result, regulations change, as well. Therefore, in order to continue to serve all industry sectors – and human society as a whole – it is imperative for additive manufacturers such as Tosaf to continue to harness scientific research and innovation to provide new additives – including antiviral additives – that can keep up with the needs of today – and tomorrow. 

    Tosaf is at the forefront of innovation. What other additives has it recently formulated?

    Tosaf’s list of new additive and masterbatch formulations is too long to detail in this article. However, we will mention our new flame retardant masterbatch, which is designed to offer new and improved low gouges PC sheet protection. Another formulation we are proud of is our new BOPE additive, which effectively supplements BOPE films. 

    What is Tosaf’s Global Reach?

    Tosaf currently caters to approx. 5000 clients in 50 countries around the world. We operate 14 global manufacturing facilities that help us provide top-level service. 

    What industries does Tosaf cater to?

    We provide solutions for many leading industries on a global scale. These include the automotive, packaging, sport & leisure, construction, agriculture, textile & fibers and electrical & electronics industries. 

    Interested in learning more about our antiviral additives? Want to receive information on antimicrobial plastic additives? We await your call or email.

    Please get in touch with the Tosaf team, and we will do whatever we can to provide you with professional data and expert guidance. Let’s be in touch!

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