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    Proactive Additives

    Enormous efforts have been made worldwide to develop treatments for the effects of the coronavirus. However, technical solutions for preventing the spread of the virus may be even more valuable.

    This has been the incentive behind Tosaf’s development of additives providing active defense against the spread of pathogens. Products made with these additives can protect both the general public as well as the medical teams on the front lines of the global effort to stop the spread of infection.

    Antimicrobial additives for the food packing industry

    Masks and gowns are not the only way antimicrobial additives assist in promoting our health and safety. Modern consumers expect their food to be safe and to have a long shelf life, while containing minimum or no chemical food preservatives. Tosaf offers a variety of antimicrobial additives that are safe and efficient for use in food packaging.

    Antifog solutions for personal protective equipment

    Vision is a vital tool for physicians. Those working in the front lines of the war against Covid-19 work while wearing bulky protective garments and a rigid polycarbonate face screen. This screen can quickly fog up, impairing vision. Tosaf offers a solution with antifog products that help us all see more clearly.

    Solutions for PC and PMMA sheet

    AF8898WB is a water-based antifog formulation developed especially to prevent the buildup of condensation on PC and PMMA sheet. These sheets are used in production of clear partitions as well as clear semi-rigid face screens, along with additional uses in the automotive industry, sports goods, safety glasses, swimming goggles, protective helmets and greenhouses. The prevention of condensation (fogging) on such surfaces is challenging. Standard antifog masterbatches are unsuitable, as they can be degraded by high processing temperatures required for these polymers. In addition, the polymer chemistries prevent antifog from migrating to the surface.

    AF8898WB is designed for application on the surface of the film or sheet, avoiding the need to incorporate it within the body of the product itself. AF8898WB can be applied using a wide range of coating technologies. It gives immediate and long-lasting antifog protection.

    Solutions for mirrors, windows and nonwoven fabrics

    AF820WB is an additional water-based antifog formulation. It is designed to prevent fogging of mirrors and windows, along with other applications. It is easily absorbed into woven and nonwoven fabrics to produce antifog wipes for application on surfaces requiring antifog functionality. These wipes can be used immediately after treatment, or can be dried and subsequently used after moistening in water. AF820WB can be applied using all popular coating techniques.

    Solutions for food packaging and personal protective equipment

    AF7869WB is a water-based antifog formulation designed to prevent condensation and fogging in food packaging. AF7869WB is also suitable for in-line application on protective equipment such as face shields and protective glasses, either for single or repeated use, with antifog functionality lasting one year. AF7869WB can be applied on films, sheets and panels using all popular coating and finishing techniques. It contains no organic solvents and complies with all relevant standards.

    Source: PlasticTime Magazine



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