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    Halogen Free Flame Retardants: An Exciting Future for FR

    Flame retardants have been around for many generations. In recent years, heightened global awareness and new regulations have prompted the additives industry – and Tosaf included – to invest great efforts in formulating halogen-free flame retardants.

    In this article, our goal is to describe our work in the field of halogen-free flame retardant additives. These FR additives are becoming more and more dominant, and in many cases are slowly replacing halogenated flame retardants. If this article encourages you to learn more about halogen-free flame retardants, or about FR additives in general, we would be happy to supply you with additional information. To get in touch with Tosaf FR feel free to contact us.

    What are Flame Retardants?

    A flame retardant (FR) is an additive that is added to plastic in order to enhance its ability to delay flames and prevent flames from spreading. Flame retardant additives are added during the plastic product manufacturing process.

    Once flame retardants are introduced to the polymer, the product is considered “fire-safe”. This is especially important in industries that market products that may come in contact with heat, energy, sparks or even fire. It’s also very important for a variety of products that incorporate electrical components, or for products that people use on a regular basis.

    Halogenated vs Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants

    Roughly speaking, flame retardants can be classified into two categories: halogen-based and non-halogen-based.

    Most of the flame retardants for plastics are halogen-based. Halogen is a group of chemical elements that contains elements such as chlorine, bromine and iodine, which everyone has heard about. Halogenated flame retardants are very effective, yet it has been proven that flame retardants that are halogen-free are safer for both individuals and the environment. As a result, many global regulations have been instated in a wide variety of industries, which specifically require manufacturers the use halogen-free flame retardants in plastic-based products.

    Tosaf manufactures halogen-free flame retardant additives for a wide range of industries and applications. Here are a few distinct examples:

    • PE Foam: Polyethylene foam, which is used for insulation purposes in the building and construction industry and packaging industry, often includes FR additives. At Tosaf, we have formulated a halogen free flame retardant for PE foam that meets all the necessary FR standards (V0, V1, B1, B2 and M2), and can be used for cross-linked and non-cross-linked PE foam. Our halogen-based FR solutions, are known for their minimal impact on foam structure and other properties.
    • PP Corrugated Sheets: You may know these products as twin wall or multi-wall sheets. In any case, polypropylene (PP) corrugated sheets are used extensively in the building & construction industry, and are also used as materials for billboards. It’s a great, recyclable material that fits many purposes, but regulations require that it be flame retardant, as well. In addition to our halogen-based FR additives, we have also devised a halogen free flame retardant that perfectly suits the qualities of PP corrugated sheets. The formulation of new solutions is especially important for entities operating in the polypropylene market, and especially in the low smoke halogen free flame retardant polypropylene market, as this is one of the fastest-growing markets in the construction industry.
    • Stadium Seats: Stadiums are heavily regulated environments, and for good reason. Stadium seats, which can seat tens of thousands of people at a time, must be using flame retardant additives. Tosaf, which is extremely experienced when it comes to servicing stadium seats and meeting strict global stadium requirements, has expanded its FR additive offering for stadium seats, to include advanced halogen free flame retardants.
    • Fibers & Film Applications: Tosaf has recently developed a unique halogen free flame retardant, which also includes UV stabilized concentrate. This advanced combo additive is ideal for products ranging from films and artificial turf to woven and nonwoven fibers for outdoor use.

    Why does Tosaf invest so much time and energy in flame retardant additives?

    The answer is quite simple: because the industry needs quality FR solutions. The flame retardant world is moving forward, in accordance with new regulations and values, and it is important for Tosaf to continue to be at the forefront of these important R&D efforts. Our goal is to continue to service all industries and their cutting-edge products, while advancing our halogen-free solution portfolio.

    When it comes to halogen-free flame retardants, what is Tosaf’s added value?

    For starters, we understand industry needs. We also have extensive knowledge of all global industry regulations, and we understand the need to formulate more advanced non-halogenated solutions. In many ways, halogen-free is the future of flame retardants, and our R&D department partners with industry leaders to create better FR solutions for everyone.

    Does Tosaf exhibit similar innovation with its other additives?

    Of course. When it comes to additives and masterbatches, our operations are extremely cutting-edge and innovative. Our R&D team led by seasoned scientists and researchers who are dedicated to formulating top-notch solutions, from UV absorbers and anti-fog additives to anti-block additives and color masterbatches.

    What makes Tosaf’s service so special?

    If we had to focus on one attribute, then we would have to say our tailor-made solutions, which are a product of our fruitful dialogue with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to cater to our industry clients’ unique product requirements, and if we do not have a solution in stock, then we set out to formulate and manufacture one that successfully meets and even exceeds their expectations.

    Want to learn more about halogen free flame retardants? Interested in understanding the halogenated vs non-halogenated flame retardants equation? We’re here to provide you with all the information you need. Get in touch with the Tosaf team today.

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