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    Masterbatch Suppliers: Meet the Global Plastic Enhancers

    To fulfill their designation, plastic products require special masterbatches. To be truly effective, these masterbatches have to be prepared with top-level expertise, which only expert masterbatch suppliers can provide.  

    In this article, we will discuss masterbatch suppliers and aspects pertaining to the global masterbatch industry. Naturally, as a leading masterbatch company, we will focus on our own story. It is our hope that through our knowledge and experience, readers will learn valuable information regarding the innovative world of plastic masterbatches. For more information please feel free to contact us.

    What does a masterbatch company do?

    A masterbatch supplier is a company that formulates and distributes plastic masterbatches and additives to diverse plastic product manufacturers, which operate in different industries – from packaging, agriculture and construction to the electric and automotive industries. 

    The purpose of a plastic masterbatch is to equip the plastic product with certain qualities that enhance its overall performance. These qualities, which are not native to the plastic polymer, are added to the product during the manufacturing process via the specific selected masterbatch. 

    As masterbatches are absolutely essential to the plastic industry, it is not surprising that the masterbatches market is thriving. The increased cost-effectiveness of the average masterbatch price, as well as exciting new technological developments that are allowing masterbatch suppliers – including Tosaf – to create innovative new solutions, serve as major market stimulants.    

    Here are several examples of masterbatches formulated by Tosaf, which enhance a wide variety of plastic-based products: 

    The Processing Aid Masterbatch (PPA): This masterbatch’s goal is to enhance plastic processibility, which, in other words, means creating a better and more effective production process. While doing so, this masterbatch also improves the products’ overall quality and decreases its overall production cost. 

    The UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch: Many masterbatch suppliers produce this masterbatch, which is designed to prevent UV light from harming the plastic product. Tosaf’s advanced UV light stabilizer masterbatch is tailored to individual product needs, from food packaging to greenhouse films and more. 

    The Anti-Fog Masterbatch: The name of this masterbatch speaks for itself. Fogginess is an extremely unwanted phenomenon when it comes to plastic. Just think of moisture that accumulates on food packaging, which prevents consumers from seeing what’s inside. Or fog that prevents sun rays from penetrating greenhouse films. Tosaf’s anti-fog masterbatch optimizes the optics of a wide range of plastic products, by turning moisture drops into a thin and unified water layer.

    The Flame Retardant Masterbatch: This masterbatch is very important, as it promotes personal and collective safety by hindering the effects of burning plastic. It is used extensively by the electronic and construction industries. Tosaf manufactures a wide FR masterbatch portfolio, which accommodates different industry and product demands. 

    Color Masterbatch Suppliers: Tosaf’s Advanced Color Service

    Color masterbatches are special, and not every masterbatch company makes them. Color masterbatches endow polymers with their unique colors and hues. If a plastic manufacturer wants to create a pipe or package with a specific color, then we at Tosaf can easily engineer a specific color masterbatch that will turn the company’s vision into a reality.

    Black masterbatches and white masterbatches are an important part of our color service. As black masterbatch suppliers, we formulate and create black masterbatches that serve a variety of functions. We are also white masterbatch suppliers, and can therefore provide plastic manufacturers around the world with top-level masterbatches for special coatings and laminations. 

    Here are several questions that are masterbatch suppliers are frequently asked. We’ll try to answer them here:

    How are masterbatches inserted into the plastic product?

    Masterbatches are created by selecting specific ingredients and exposing them to a very high heat in a carrier resin. Once the result has cooled, we cut it into pellets that are packaged for immediate or future delivery.

    The plastic product manufacturer orders the precise masterbatches needed for the products that are being fabricated. During the production process, the manufacturer blends the masterbatch with the raw polymer – and this mixture ends up as the end product. 

    What is a universal masterbatch?   

    A universal masterbatch is a generic product that is sold to plastic manufacturers, with the promise that it will cover their needs. A universal masterbatch somewhat resembles a general shelf product. But like all shelf products, it can also have certain disadvantages, as it is not individually tailored to specific product needs or specifications. 

    Do masterbatch suppliers use environmentally sustainable methods?

    When it comes to sustainable industry standards, the past few decades have been nothing short of revolutionary. This is especially true in the case of the plastic industry, which has become increasingly aware of practices that must be adopted in order to reduce negative environmental footprint. Numerous regulations also create new realities that masterbatch suppliers – as well as other industry players – must adhere to.

    At Tosaf, we take sustainability very seriously. From recycling to biodegradable additives, we believe that it is our obligation to lead the way for better and safer industry practices. Read more about our efforts here

    What qualities differentiate masterbatch suppliers from one another?

    That’s a great question. We can’t speak for other masterbatch suppliers, but we can attempt to address what makes Tosaf different from many other companies. What sets us apart are our R&D abilities, which allow us to formulate innovative, tailored masterbatches for diverse industry needs. We are also very service-oriented, and therefore, if a client has a specific request, we’ll do whatever we can to come up with the solution. 

    Many masterbatch suppliers are local. Tosaf, on the other hand, is known for its global reach. We operate production plants worldwide, from Peru and the United States to Germany, Israel and the Netherlands.  

    Interested in consulting with one of the world’s premier masterbatch suppliers? That’s what we’re here for. Contact Tosaf’s professional staff, and we will be happy to provide you with information and assistance. Get in touch today.

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