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    Antioxidants Polymer Additives: The Effective Oxidation Fighters

    Tosaf’s advanced antioxidants polymer additives prevent material degradation during the thermal processing stage, while also ensuring an optimal lifecycle for many plastic products. 

    In this article, we will discuss antioxidant additives for plastics. We will delve into their importance as stabilizers that fight oxidation that can cause harmful product degradation. At Tosaf, we manufacture advanced antioxidant additives for a wide range of plastic products. These antioxidants are an inseparable part of the company’s solution portfolio. After reading this article, you many have additional questions. If you do, please do not hesitate to contact the Tosaf team. We will be happy to provide you with valuable information on antioxidant additives for plastics, or any other solution that interests you.  

    The importance of antioxidant additives in the plastics industry

    antioxidants polymer additives are essential because they help prevent a process called oxidation. By doing so, they are able to stabilize the plastic products’ qualities and slow degradation processes.

    Oxidation, as you may already know, is a process in which oxygen comes in contact with a certain material and impacts that material. The impact, which is usually a form of degradation, occurs due to free radicals that react to the material’s molecules, setting off a chemical chain reaction. Oxidation is more common than you might think. Just recall the last time you saw a fruit that had gradually turned brown, or meat in the refrigerator that started to smell differently. 

    In many ways, oxidation can work the same way on polymers. But while the oxidation process is essentially the same, the impact on polymers differs drastically from the impact on an apple or a peach. First of all, plastic products are manufactured at extreme temperatures. This compromises the raw polymers, as they are exposed to a process called thermal oxidation. In order for the process to succeed – and for the polymer to remain stable – antioxidants must be introduced during the manufacturing process.

    But that’s not all. After they are manufactured, plastics can still be vulnerable to oxidation. Certain plastics are more vulnerable than others, but oxidation can have a negative impact on the product’s external qualities and lifecycle. An antioxidant masterbatch can help curb harmful oxidative processes. 

    The plastic products that most commonly contain antioxidant additives include:

    • A variety of pipes and fittings used in the building & construction industry
    • Polyethylene films (PE films) used a variety of applications, from construction to food packaging 
    • Products and films made from polypropylene (PP) 

    What kinds of antioxidant additives does Tosaf manufacture? 

    Tosaf is very well known for its antioxidants for PE films. These solutions contain a 10% synergetic combination of effective antioxidants. 

    AO4875PE is an antioxidant additive for polyethylene film processing and application. This solution helps retain color, while also preventing gel formation. In addition, this additive can maintain an adequate Melt Flow Index (MFI) of recycled materials.

    AO8513PE is an antioxidant additive that provides PE and PP films with highly reliable thermal stability. In addition to offering long-term stability, this product is also very cost-effective. 

    What other stabilizing additives does Tosaf produce?

    Stabilizing additives are extremely important in the plastics industry, as they offer resistance to various degradation processes and chemical reactions that can harm the polymers. We’ve discussed antioxidants in this article, but we manufacture many other types of additives that are classified as stabilizers.

    For example, Tosaf manufactures UV light stabilizers that are used to protect plastic products from the destabilizing effects of UV light. Another example is our line of flame retardant (FR) masterbatches, which reduce the polymers’ susceptibility to burning and to succumbing to fire.

    It is important to note that our stabilizing additives – as well as other additives such as anti-slips, anti-fogs and more – are designed to work together as an additive “package” for specific plastic products. At Tosaf, we provide unique additive combinations that are uniquely designed for every product on the market.

    Does Tosaf operate on a global level?

    Tosaf supplies additives used in polymer processing to thousands of clients all over the world. We proudly serve approx. 5000 clients who operate in 50 countries across the globe. To keep up with demand and supply high service integrity, we currently operate 14 manufacturing facilities in diverse global locations. 

    What are some of the industries that benefit from Tosaf’s signature service?

    Our additive, masterbatch and color solution portfolios are used all over the world, by major players from diverse industries. We work extensively with the automotive, packaging and building & construction industries, as well as with the sport & leisure, textile, agriculture and electronic sectors. 

    We are privileged to offer leading industries with state-of-the-art solutions, which improve their products’ mechanical and physical properties – while complying with strict regulations. Our global operations also adhere to important sustainable values. 

    Want to learn more about our antioxidants polymer additives? We are here to help. For more information, please contact the Tosaf team via email or phone. Our representatives will be more than happy to discuss your needs, and provide you with data that will help you make informed decisions.  

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