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    Slip Additives for film production

    Achieving Balance to Reduce Slip and Slide

    Slip additives make film production easier, by preventing layers of film sticking together or sliding over each other. But too much slip agent can cause blooming, reducing transparency, negatively affecting the printing and slipping properties of the film, and increasing the risk of low bonding strength on laminated structures. At Tosaf, we know how to create the perfect balance, ensuring that the thermal stability of the slip additives used is suitable for your film process conditions.

    A smoother ride for producers

    Tosaf’s range of slip additives have been designed to suit our customers’ specific applications and production lines. We’ve got you covered, from conventional migrating slip additives that migrate on the surface to reduce the coefficient of friction, to our specialized proprietary permanent solution of non-migrating additives – temperature independent and not affected by corona treatment or the lamination process, giving the stable, low coefficient of friction that is critical in many applications, such as stretch hood.

    Our experts are happy to share with you our knowhow, advising on which is the most suitable solution for you and how to optimize its use, both for the production process and end-user applications.


    • Variety of slip additives designed according to customer applications and production lines
    • Reduced surface friction
    • Stable and efficient film manufacturing process
    • Good universal computability without affecting viscosity
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    How Can We Help You?