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    Optimizing Optics

    When fog forms on plastic it obscures visibility. Our anti-fog masterbatches contain innovative additives that migrate to the surface of the film, reducing the surface tension with the water so that, instead of drops, the water forms a thin, uniform layer that retains the transparency of the plastic. The result: excellent optical properties, better product appearance, and first-rate processing to minimize die buildup and maximize productivity.

    Specific sector expertise

    As the leading supplier of exclusive anti-fog solutions for packaging and agriculture applications, we understand the challenges faced by plastics manufacturers in these fields, and work very closely with our customers to ensure that they get all the technical support they need to achieve the best possible result.

    In packaging, our solutions offer unprecedented clarity and outstanding anti-fog activity. The unique mechanism significantly reduces surface imperfections and dramatically increases the transparency of the film. Our additives are effective even in nine or more-layer barrier films which have undergone orientation and/or lamination.

    In agriculture, anti-fog additives are required to prevent crop damage due to drop formation, light scattering or dripping. The right anti-fog will migrate to the surface but will not wash off too fast. We take into account different climates and the type of multi-layer film being produced to arrive at the correct additive and addition level to use.

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    • Extended product shelf-life
    • Increased aesthetic quality
    • Anti-fogging performance that lasts the lifetime of the packaged food
    • The ability to run lamination and printing process, without limitation of adhesion force
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    How Can We Help You?