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    Silage Film

    Ensuring Stored Silage Remains Nutritious

    In cold countries, maize and grass are grown during the summer, but need to be used in feed livestock throughout the year. A plastic film is used to store the silage and maintain its nutritional value. Three main types of film are used: silo bags (150-300 micron thickness), silage film (150-200 micron thickness) and stretch (20-30 micron thickness), which all perform similarly.

    Silage films contain a high percentage of recycled material. They are usually produced with a 3 to 5-layer blown extruder, but some more advanced films are produced on a 7-layer extruder. New norms are being introduced to the market to deal with the requirement that the film act as a barrier to oxygen. The more advanced silage films that have an oxygen barrier are produced with a 5 and 7-layer extruder .

    Oxygen Barrier

    Silage film is produced with either an EVOH or PA layer on a 5-layer extruder – since neither polymer is compatible with the PE in the adjacent layers, a tie layer is needed to allow for adherence of the PE and barrier layers. We have developed a new barrier MB that is compatible with PE, enabling production of a barrier film on a 3-layer extruder.

    Our Solutions


    White for Agriculture

    Customizable according to the needs of your specific application, Tosaf's white masterbatch for agriculture offer benefits such as UV resistance, excellent dispersion quality and processing stabilization.


    • High dispersion quality

    • Good processability

    • High UV stability


    UV for Agriculture

    Protect plastics used in agriculture from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our broad range of UV masterbatches meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide, providing the most suitable and effective solution for your specific climate zone, chemical environment and growing method.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Offers the right UV MB for each crop and growing method

    • Made to suit extreme climate with extensive chemical use


    Green for Silage Films

    We combine a well-dispersed, tailor-made color match that has high light fastness and weatherability, with a UV package to produce an MB that is ideal for producing both thin stretch films and thick silage film.


    • UV protection

    • High light fastness and weatherability

    • Ideal for producing both thin stretch films and thick silage film

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