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    Flame Retardants


    Adding Less Fuel to The Flames

    In light of new regulations around the world regarding flame-retardant additives, our high concentration FR masterbatches for polyethylene construction films, including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, meet market needs. Using premium-quality active ingredients and innovative formulations, we help you achieve high-level product performance while reducing the harmful effects of burning plastic on people, wildlife and the environment. Taking into consideration the specific mechanical properties and qualities that you require, we offer both halogen-based and halogen-free masterbatches and compounds, which are relatively toxin free compared to other products found in the market place.

    All fired up to help you

    Our extensive portfolio of flame retardant masterbatches and compounds has been developed according to specific market demands, meeting performance, legal and safety standard requirements of each and every sector in which plastics are used, including flammability standards such as : IEC 60695-2-11; EN 50642; EN 61386-1; UL94 5VA; FEC c60695-11-5 and more.With knowledge across all stages of the production process accumulated over many years, our expert team can advise on which specific solution is suitable and cost-effective for your production process and end-user applications.


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    • Reduced polymer melting
    • Minimum effect on transparency and process ability
    • Highly effective
    • High thermal Stability
    • Suitable for recycling
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    How Can We Help You?