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Building & Construction

Construction Films

Protecting your site from fire hazards

Fires at construction sites can have dire consequences for people, property and the environment. Regulations are in place requiring certain films used to protect and store materials at outdoor or indoor construction and renovation sites to be flame retardant.

We offer a full range of flame retardants that meet both European and American fire safety standards.

High concentrated Brominated FR masterbatches

We understand that regulatory compliance can be costly to implement. Being highly concentrated for reduced let down ratio with minimum effect on film transparency, our construction film additives offer a cost-effective solution.

Halogen-free FR masterbatch for PE film

Awareness of the effects of halogen-based substances on the environment has created a demand for halogen-free solutions. Our highly-effective halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch for PE film meets B1, B2, LPS 1207, VSS 302, EN 135011/E standards.

Our Solutions


Flame Retardants

Considering new regulations around the world, our high concentration FR masterbatches including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, provide self-extinguishing properties and meet market needs.


  • Recyclable

  • Halogen free option

  • Suppressed smoke formation

  • Good process ability

  • Reduced incidence of fire