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    Color Concentrate: Painting the Plastic Universe with a Vibrant Complexion

    Plastic products have many prominent characteristics. One of their main attributes is their color, which is achieved via a professional pigment blend called color concentrate.

    In this article, we will discuss color concentrate for plastics, which blends together unique mixtures of pigments that are designated for a variety of plastic products. Color concentrate is a very important aspect of the plastic production chain. It is mixed into the raw polymer via injection molding. Once this is done, the concentrate’s unique color tone is effectively embedded into the product. 

    At Tosaf, we manufacture a wide range of color concentrates – many of which are wholly unique and include our special blends. We hope this article helps you understand the basics of color concentrate. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or wish to receive more information, please feel free to contact us.

    A Few Words About Color Concentrate

    The color concentrate, which is often referred to as color masterbatch, can be engineered and tailored to color plastic products with just about any color imaginable. 

    The most advanced color concentrate suppliers – including Tosaf – formulate specific concentrates in accordance with their clients’ specific requests and requirements. Our color service specialists select the appropriate pigments and apply the mixture formula, blending them together in a high-heated carrier resin. The color concentrate is then delivered to plastic product manufacturers as carefully packaged granular pallets. 

    As a leading color concentrate manufacturer, Tosaf provides elite color service to product companies all over the world. Our concentrates fit a wide range of color specifications – and functionality and regulatory requirements, as well. We blend specific pigments with functional additives – flame retardants, anti-statics, anti-fog, UV protection and more – in accordance with the most updated industry regulations. 

    Tosaf provides global color service for the following industries: 

    • Packaging
    • Building & Construction
    • Automotive
    • Agriculture
    • Sport & Leisure
    • Textile & Fibers
    • Electrical & Electronics

    Is the color concentrate market on the rise?

    It certainly is. Based on all market projections, the color concentrate market is expected to increase in the coming years. There are several explanations for the fact that the color concentrate market is thriving. For starters, from a financial standpoint, it is smarter to use color concentrate than the alternative, which is colored raw polymer. This option also provides more flexibility during the production process. 

    Another main reason for the bustling color concentrate market is plastic industry innovation. The plastic industry is reinventing itself by becoming safer and more sustainable. New technologies are creating new products. This innovation requires better additives, masterbatches and color concentrate. Leading color concentrate suppliers such as Tosaf are using high-level technological infrastructures to create better, more effective, optimally tailored color concentrate on an ongoing basis. 

    What is carbon black concentrate? 

    As its name suggests, carbon black concentrate is a color concentrate made from a pigment called carbon black. This concentrate has many qualities that are revered by plastic product manufacturers, such as very good UV protection.

    Does Tosaf’s color concentrate serve many industries?

    It does, and we’ve prepared a few examples. Recall the caps and closures that are an inseparable part of the packaging you purchase. Or the interior of your car. Or the plastic toys in the toy store across the street. Or the external layer of the electrical wiring in your house and office. What do all of these plastic-based components have in common? Their color is derived from color concentrate.

    From the automotive and construction industries to the agriculture, leisure and packaging markets, color is an inseparable part of plastic products.

    What is so special about Tosaf’s color service?

    At Tosaf, we like to say that while we look like a product company, we actually provide our clients with a service. The same goes for our color labs. We manufacture products that are an integral part of large color concentrate portfolios, but we deliver a service – and that’s what sets us apart.

    Our service outlook is all about giving our clients exactly what they need, right to their doorstep. We listen to their needs, brainstorm about possible solutions, and plan the most appropriate color response – including all strict functionality and regulation aspects. 

    Service also means innovation and performance. Our R&D experts are true market leaders. If needed, they can come up with an entirely new color scheme that works to perfection. Last but not least, our service reach is global, so we can reach our clients wherever they are.  

    Want to consult with us about your color concentrate needs? Feel free to contact the Tosaf team. Our color experts will be happy to start a conversation and understand exactly what you are looking for. If you simply want to learn more about color concentrate manufacturing, we’ll gladly tell you more about what we do. Get in touch today.

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