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    Tosaf Color Service: Best color masterbatch solutions for the global plastics industry

    Tosaf color service is one of the world experts in producing and manufacturing Color Masterbatch, with 17 production plants around the world and global customer service rest assured that you will find exactly what you need.

    In addition to our rich range of colors, you can easily tailor a specific color to your needs within a few days.

    Our products, offer the most advanced functionality and quality control that pigment masterbatch has to offer relies on advanced color laboratories and top-level color experts to address your needs.

    Tosaf’s color Service provides its customers an experience that blends Innovative products with professional guidance and attentiveness. This is the essence of Tosaf Color Service.

    Tosaf Color Service has several key building blocks. For starters, it’s a global, inclusive experience with a worldwide reach. We provide our customers with guidance in their own language, at their pace. Second, we offer dedicated, personalized service. We tailor our color Masterbatch products to specific needs. If you aren’t sure what your needs are, one of our expert consultants will give you the exact solution to your needs. Third, we work quickly. It usually takes us no more than several days to locate and produce the color you want.

    How does product performance come into play in Tosaf’s color service?

    When it comes to color for polymers, functionality is key. We are experts at developing color solutions that incorporate specific functional capabilities, thus enhancing product performance and durability. When we discuss colors with our customers, we always make sure their holistic needs are covered – from performance to compliance.

    How do you ensure product and service quality?

    Quality is at the essence of customer satisfaction and product success – and we move mountains to ensure it. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology – from production machinery to scientific instruments and fully equipped laboratories – which are complemented by strict methodologies and a compliance with global standards and regulations.

    Does Tosaf Color Service support the renewables market?

    Of course. We develop and manufacture biodegradable and compostable color masterbatches, which promote sustainable practices and reduce our carbon footprint. This unique masterbatch portfolio adheres to stringent regulations.

    Tosaf Color Service is global. It is made possible thanks to our worldwide network of color production plants.

    What makes Tosaf Color Service so special?

    In a nutshell, the answer is a combination of global standards and local care. Our production plants and color labs are dispersed worldwide, thereby supporting emerging markets, diverse industries, and dynamic operations. We work hard to ensure that our customers benefit from our knowledge, experience, expertise, and high service standards. Our goal is to provide our customers with color solutions that exceed their expectations and help separate them from the pack.

    Want to consult with one of our Tosaf Color Service experts? We’ll be glad to set up an effective consultation session in the language of your choice. We’ve got your color needs covered – and much more. Contact us today:

    Tosaf Inc.: Located in North Carolina, Tosaf Inc. specializes in customized color masterbatch manufacturing for local and global customers. In addition to color masterbatches, Tosaf Inc. also manufactures many important functional additives.

    Vision Color LLC: Tosaf acquired this state-of-the-art color production plant, which was founded by Rick Bacon, in 2019. Vision Color LLC is located in Ohio, and offers cutting-edge color matching services to customers from different industries.

    Adtec Colorant: Situated in Texas, Adtec Colorant is known for its color additive and masterbatch manufacturing capabilities. A proven powerhouse in the field of color concentrates, Adtec Colorant relies on automated and highly effective production lines.

    Mastercol: This Peru-based color concentrate and additive production plant provides service to industries operating in Peru and nearby regions. The plant, which was established by Hans. H. Traver in 1974, has a rich history of color excellence.

    Tosaf Color Service, Germany: This plant has been at the forefront of color masterbatch manufacturing since 1970. If you’re looking for special effects or unique color additives for innovative designs, Tosaf Color Service Germany is the ideal partner.

    Tosaf Color Service, Benelux: Our Netherlands plant prides itself on advanced innovation, and has been providing excellent customer service for over 25 years.

    Tosaf Color Service, Turkey: Turkey’s plastic export industry is on the constant rise, and our local production plant offers state-of-the-art support.

    Gymap: This Oyonnax-based color house enjoys a reputation as a leading manufacturer of color masterbatches and compounds. Gymap serves France’s famous plastic valley industry, as well as neighboring European countries.

    Colloids Limited: Tosaf’s UK production plant, which was acquired in 2004, has been manufacturing color masterbatches for over 50 years. Among many areas of expertise, Colloids Limited manufactures color masterbatches for artificial turf applications and HDPE pipes.

    Tosaf Tnuvot: Our Israel-based production plant operates an innovative color laboratory that supports vast production capabilities for all industries.

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