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    Tosaf Compounds Ltd: Color Masterbatch and Additive Solutions with Significant Added Value

    Tosaf Compounds Ltd offers its clients unique services, uncompromising quality, and countless solutions.

    Tosaf Compounds Ltd is a global company that services plastic industries worldwide via an extremely wide portfolio of additives, color masterbatches and compounds. What separates Tosaf Compounds Ltd from the rest of the pack is its commitment to quick, customized service. It’s true that we develop products, but at heart, we are a service-oriented company. We build relationships with our customers.

    Here are a few facts about Tosaf Compounds Ltd:

    • Global presence: Tosaf operates 15 manufacturing facilities worldwide, from the US and Peru to Europe, Turkey and Israel. Every facility upholds strict operation standards.
    • Worldwide impact: Tosaf Compounds Ltd services over 5000 customers from 50 countries around the world.
    • Wide portfolio: Our additive and masterbatch product portfolio is extremely wide and diverse, and includes categories such as anti-static additives, anti-fog barriers, anti-blocks, anti-fog additives, black masterbatches, white masterbatches, flame retardants, UV light stabilizers, PPA masterbatches, slip additives, and more.
    • New colors: At Tosaf Compounds Ltd, we match and produce 150 colors on average – every week.

    Why is Tosaf’s service so unique?

    In two words: customer relationships. We give our customers exactly what they need in order to boost performance and increase profitability. How do we do it? By providing the best localized service all over the world, complete with expert consultation, a familiarity with industry demands and regulations, and an innate understanding of what every customer truly wants. We listen. We talk. We brainstorm. And we deliver. Because for our products to truly matter, they must be complemented by exceptional service.

    In addition, many of our customers are familiar with Tosaf Color Service – a global service that provides them with exactly the colors they are looking for. Our color solutions are delivered quickly and efficiently, after expert consultation, and can include performance enhancing additives.

    Which industries does Tosaf Compounds Ltd support?

    Tosaf is an industry driven operation. We care about the industries we service and are excited to witness their constant development in today’s dynamic markets.

    Our solutions are implemented across numerous industries, most notably the automotive, sports & leisure, textile, agriculture, building & construction, packaging and electronics industries. We are intimately familiar with every industry’s standardization and regulations, and make it our business to understand every major trend and complex challenge. We combine innovative R&D, ingenious design and attentive service to deliver solutions that support our customers’ success.

    How does Tosaf Compounds Ltd invest in R&D?

    In three words: people, knowledge and innovation. Our R&D team includes 60 trained research professionals who work together to come up with new solutions that address specific customer needs. Our achievements are made possible due to our accumulated knowledge, which is constantly enhanced by cutting-edge academic research. We are also extremely dedicated to innovation, and have appointed a Chief Innovation Scientist. Our R&D efforts have resulted in several breakthrough products, from state-of-the-art BOPE additives to new antiviral additives developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Is Tosaf Compounds Ltd aligned with sustainable practices?

    Tosaf Compounds Ltd is committed to sustainable practices across its facilities worldwide. Protecting the environment is a top priority for us, and when it comes to the plastics industry, we feel that sustainability is an absolute necessity.

    Our sustainability efforts include the development cutting-edge solutions: a polypropylene flow enhancer masterbatch that enhances the processing capabilities of recyclable materials; a matte coating alternative that is more environmentally friendly; flame retardant masterbatches that use non-halogen additives; near IR black masterbatches that allow black color plastics to be detected by sorting devices for recycling; and more. In addition, we developed a UN carrier that is specifically designed for coloring a wide variety of biodegradable polymers.

    Our sustainability efforts are not restricted to product development – they are also evident in our facilities. Our facilities practice effective waste reduction and are committed to reducing energy consumption.

    Want to learn more about Tosaf Compounds Ltd? We’ll be happy to send you more information. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

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