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Packaging is the largest market for plastic worldwide, used in applications that range from food to medical, cosmetics to industrial. While its primary functions may include protecting goods from damage in transit, extending shelf life and improving food quality and safety, packaging also plays a key role in branding and customer engagement.

An attractive, eye-catching design can create a unique differentiation that makes your goods stand out from the competition, influencing buying behavior and increasing sales. This is why colors, and in recent years also color effects like pearlescent and metallic, are becoming increasingly important across the packaging market segment.

Virgin polymers may answer many technical requirements, but they require a large number of additives to give them additional properties that are critical for successful packaging, as well as specific additives that improve process conditions and productivity without compromising their quality.

With more than 30 years’ experiences and superior global R&D capabilities, we are able to answer these needs with a wide offering of both standard products and tailor-made solutions.

All products for packaging meet regulations relating to packaging and packaging waste such as 94/62/EC and other associated standards. We can also supply products conforming to global food contact standards such as European Regulation(EC) Number 1935/2004, Directive Number 10/2011 and all local community state legislation regarding plastics materials and articles in contact with food as well as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) legislation.


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Michal Schreiber

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