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    Tosaf  White Masterbatch Boosts Efficiency Compared to Traditional Products of This Kind.

    Extrusion coating is a highly demanding process to apply a very thin polymer layer to a substrate at processing temperatures close to the thermal degradation point of the processed polymers (app. 300 ºC). Known challenges include necking (the melt dripping unevenly on the sheet in a neck shape), heavy smoke and strong odour due to the high processing temperatures, poor dispersion, gel formation und die buildup.

    To overcome these extrusion coating related issues, Tosaf has developed ME800047 white MB. It withstands the extremely high processing temperatures whilst at the same time maintaining its high dispersion quality. This results in a constantly homogenous coating and reduces the need for filter changes during production. Gel formation is significantly reduced and its opacity allows for a lower addition level of ME800047, even in very thin layers. And because this new white masterbatch does not contain migrating additives, it provides high corona retention, good printability and reduced die buildup.

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    How Can We Help You?