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    Meet our high chemical resistant UV masterbatch

    In response to market demand for products that last longer, even when used with high concentrations of pesticides, Tosaf has launched a new, high chemical resistant UV masterbatch – UV8915PE.

    Especially designed for areas with high irradiance and high levels of pesticide, the new masterbatch enables the production of greenhouse film with three-year useful life, able to withstand up to 5000 ppm of Sulphur, which is commonly used for greenhouse fumigation.  This represents a huge improvement compared to typical greenhouse film, which tends to be able to withstand a maximum of 3000 ppm of Sulphur for up to three years.

    UV8915PE complements Tosaf’s cost effective solution for medium chemical resistance, UV7603PE and UV2817PE. UV2817PE is a unique development for the silver mulch where the silver color accelerates the degradation of the polymer.

    With this new addition to our product portfolio, we continue to offer customers the right solution for all their needs.

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