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    UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch

    Preserving Your Plastics Products 

    UV light can affect plastic in several ways, causing a chalky appearance, causing color change and even compromising the integrity of the material itself. Choosing the right UV package is therefore essential in creating optimal light stabilization; indeed, it may be one of the most important parameters in determining the service life of your product.

    Shining a light on UV protection

    Our experts know our materials, how they mix with other raw materials and how they react under different manufacturing processes. Using our extensive knowhow and years of experience, we take into account each product’s unique characteristics and service conditions, including climate exposure, chemical environment, color, life expectancy and more, to identify which UV light stabilizer in our innovative range best suits your needs.


    • Long-term polymer protection
    • Absorption of harmful UV radiation
    • Innovative range of additives
    • Food-approved UV MB
    • Ongoing support on the production line to ensure optimal outcome
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    How Can We Help You?