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    An Additive That Doesn’t Take Anything Away

    The problem of ‘blocking’ occurs when adjacent layers of polyolefin film stick together, due to the composition and rolling tension of the film. Whilst there are anti-block agents on the market that can prevent blocking, the quantity and type used can have unwanted side effects, such as affecting transparency, or adsorbing migrating agents, such as anti-static, slip, or anti-fog additives, decreasing their efficiency.

    Nothing blocks our anti-block

    Tosaf’s anti-block additives are based on a variety of materials across the refractive index. This enables us to deliver the anti-block with the refractive qualities closest to the specific polymer you are using, resulting in high-quality transparent film. The very narrow particle distribution in our anti-block makes it suitable for even challenging applications, such as double and triple bubble, and BOPP, which require thin layers of less than 1 micron.


    • Prevention of film blocking during and after processing
    • Optimized production process and performance
    • Very narrow particle size distribution compared to others on the market
    • Suitable for use in extremely challenging applications
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    How Can We Help You?