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    Building & Construction

    PP Corrugated Sheets

    Enhanced functionality and regulatory compliance

    Durable and light weight, corrugated polypropylene sheets, also known as twin wall sheets or multi wall sheets, are used for advertising, in building and construction, in public and private buildings, outdoors or indoors. Produced in a continuous extrusion process, they tend to be up to 100mm in thickness. Additives such as flame retardants, UV stabilizers and color masterbatches give the sheets the various properties they require to enhance their functionality and comply with relevant regulations.

    Halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch

    Awareness of the effects of halogen-based substances on the environment has created a demand for halogen-free solutions. Our highly-effective halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch for polypropylene meets B1, B2, LPS 1207, V2 standards

    Our Solutions


    Flame Retardants

    Considering new regulations around the world, our high concentration FR masterbatches including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, provide self-extinguishing properties and meet market needs.


    • Recyclable

    • Halogen free option

    • Suppressed smoke formation

    • Good process ability

    • Reduced incidence of fire

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