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    BOPE Additives: A Professional Upgrade for Mono-Material Film

    More and more plastic film manufacturers are switching to BOPE film because it is much easier to recycle. Tosaf’s BOPE additives provide the necessary flexibility and protection for these innovative new film products.  

    In this article, we will discuss BOPE additives, and the rising trend of BOPE film in the plastic industry. As a global manufacturer of additives and masterbatches, Tosaf has extensive knowledge of mono material film and BOPE film in particular, and has formulated cutting-edge BOPE additives that enhance their performance. In case you have any questions regarding BOPE additives, we hope this article will provide sufficient answers. If you have any additional inquiries, we will be happy to answer them, Please contact us.

    BOPE Films: A General Definition

    Before we talk about BOPE film, let’s discuss the film it is replacing. Many manufacturers that have been manufacturing multi-layer film have switched to BOPE films, or are considering doing so. Why, you ask? Because BOPE film facilitates a mono-material PE film lamination process, which is a huge advantage when it comes to plastics recycling technology and waste separation.

    The transition from “multi” to “mono” is a growing sustainable manufacturing trend, and BOPE is the ideal solution. As you may have guessed, BOPE films rely on PE (polyethylene) as its base raw material. For this reason and more, it is the preferred mono-material film of many manufacturers worldwide. From a sustainable perspective, BOPE that is laminated to PE film creates a mono-material film, while BOPP and BOPET films that are laminated to PE create multi-layer films that are harder to recycle.  

    BOPE films have many uses throughout diverse industries. BOPE packaging is becoming more and more popular, and BOPE films are used extensively in the packaging industry, including food packaging.

    In the near future, many manufacturers will also begin manufacturing HD-BOPE films, which will be used primarily for HD-BOPE packaging. This high-density solution is expected to be stronger and more durable, and will therefore fit certain types of packaging like a glove.

    Tosaf’s new BOPE Additives

    Like all film and other plastic-based products, BOPE film requires special additives to increase flexibility and efficiency. These additives must be formulated with cutting-edge precision to fit BOPE film properties and orientation processes. And that is exactly what Tosaf’s R&D team has done.

    Tosaf’s BOPE additive portfolio is extremely diverse, and includes a comprehensive line of additives that respond to key product manufacturing requirements. This line includes:

    • Slip additives: These performance-enhancing additives ensure that film packaging comes with the lowest possible Coefficient of Friction (COF), without compromising optics and sealability, printability and lamination properties. 
    • Anti-blocks: These additives incorporate synthetic silica with the appropriate particle size distribution to prevent film from sticking together. Tosaf’s anti-blocks do not impact film optics or processibility. 
    • Anti-statics: Polymers do not discharge static electricity, and therefore, anti-static additives help dissipate electric charges that are often formed on films throughout their lifecycle, which is crucial in preventing a potentially harmful electrically charged environment. 
    • Anti-fog: These functional additives prevent moisture drops and create smooth and transparent optics for films used for refrigerated food packaging. They also prolong packaging lifecycle. 

    Why does Tosaf place such great importance on BOPE additives?

    The BOPE film trend is real, and for good reason. BOPE films are much easier to separate during the waste separation stage, and have better recycling capabilities. These sustainable values are important, and they are definitely something Tosaf identifies with. 

    This sustainability, along with heightened mechanical and optical properties, are making BOPE films very popular with manufacturers. And as a result, these film solutions deserve optimal additives that can make them even better for both manufacturers and consumers. 

    What tests did Tosaf conduct to make sure that its new additives portfolio is indeed effective?

    Tosaf collaborated with Brückner Maschinenbau to conduct running trails that have successfully validated the new BOPE additives in terms of processability. These running trials make Tosaf’s professional team extremely confident regarding these additives’ seamless integration with BOPE mechanical and functional properties.

    In addition to the running trails, Tosaf made sure to simulate BOPE film production so as to further validate the compatibility and effectiveness of its BOPE additives. To do so, Tosaf used some of the most professional production lines available.

    Is there anything else we can expect from these innovative Tosaf additives?

    As a matter of fact, there is. Because these specific additives are suited for bi-oriented production lines, they can also be used as additives for in-line blown MDO films. These films promise to be one of the next central production trends to develop in the next few years. 

    What other advanced and innovative developments has Tosaf released recently?

    As a company at the forefront of additive and masterbatch manufacturing, Tosaf is always working on new and innovative formulations that fit current and future market needs and production trends.

    As for current examples of new developments, the list is too long to mention. We can briefly mention our new FR (flame retardant) masterbatch, which provides optimal protection for low gouges PC sheets. We are also very proud of our new antiviral and antimicrobial additive for medical face masks, disposable gear and protective equipment. These additives effectively help protect medical teams from bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.  

    Interested in learning more about our BOPE additives? Want to consult with us about your manufacturing needs? We will be happy to help. Get in touch with the Tosaf team today, who will gladly provide you with the information you need. 

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