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    UV Absorbers: The Advanced Plastic Protectors

    UV light can cause plastic products a great deal of harm. That’s where Tosaf and its cutting-edge UV absorbers come in.

    In the following article, we will discuss the UV absorber additive, and how it helps protect plastic-based products from the harms of UV light. If you finish reading this article and still have questions about the subject of UV absorbers for plastics, please feel free to contact us.

    We will be happy to provide you with more information that is relevant to your specific industry.

    Before we begin, let’s discuss UV light

    UV, which is short for ultraviolet, is a specific form of electromagnetic radiation. UV is present in many areas, including the earth’s sunlight, and can also be generated artificially by man, in a non-natural process.

    Like other forms of radiation, UV can be harmful to the things that it impacts – including living objects. For example, UV light is the reason we humans get a sunburn. UV is also used in a variety of sterilization applications, in order to destroy viruses and bacteria.

    UV light can also damage non-living objects, especially surfaces of many kinds. This damage is called UV degradation. This degradation can harm surface color and can even change its texture. This characteristic has prompted scientists to formulate UV absorbers for a variety of applications. Perhaps the most famous UV blocker is the sunscreen lotion that we rub on our skin when we go to the beach. But there are other kinds of UV absorbers – including UV absorbers for plastics.

    The UV absorber additive: a general definition

    UV light can harm plastic. It can ruin its color, change its appearance and even impact the plastic material and change its properties. That’s why UV stabilizer for plastics is so important.

    The UV stabilizer is an additive. In fact, it is a very common additive for plastics in a wide range of industries. This is mainly because many plastic products – from packaging to greenhouse and field products – are often exposed to sunlight, which carries UV rays.

    The UV stabilizer for plastics is added to the raw polymer during the plastic product’s manufacturing process. By absorbing and eventually scattering UV radiation, UV absorbers protect it from this specific form of electromagnetic radiation – and prolong its life cycle.

    Tosaf is a leading UV absorber additive manufacturer. Here are some benefits that our solutions can provide:

    • Longer life cycle: products made with Tosaf’s UV stabilizing additives are protected for long durations.
    • Tailor-made additives: At Tosaf, our vast expertise helps us create UV absorbers that fit unique product requirements and environments. Our additives are tailored for specific colors, climates and product lifespans.
    • Support: We do so much more than simply deliver UV stabilizers. We support plastic product manufacturers throughout their production process, and stick around to make sure that everything is to their satisfaction.
    • Food-Approved: Our UV absorbers are approved for food industry applications and for use in proximity of foods. As a result, food packaging manufactures can use our UV stabilizers with maximum peace-of-mind.

    Which industries benefit from Tosaf’s UV absorbers?

    Many. The packaging industry uses plastic packages made from polyolefins, which are easily damaged by UV light. Tosaf designs and manufactures UV stabilizing additives especially for polyolefins, which protect them from UV-based degradation.

    Tosaf’s UV absorbers also greatly benefit the agriculture industry, which uses plastic greenhouse covers. These covers are notorious for their quick UV-based degradation – but once they contain UV stabilizing additives, which is recommended for use in accordance with specific climates, crop growing methodologies and pesticides, their properties will be protected and their lifespan enhanced.

    Another industry greatly impacted by UV additives for plastic is building and construction. Many pipes and fittings that protrude from below the ground and are exposed to sunlight are in danger of UV degradation. When these plastic products contain UV stabilizing additives, then their properties are aptly protected. Polycarbonate sheets – commonly known as PC sheets – are another common product that is prone to degradation. Fortunately, our UV stabilizer protects the polycarbonate, which is a transparent polymer, and prevents many negative reactions, such as a yellowing hue, ruptures, and more.

    What should I look for in a UV absorber?

    Ultimately, you need UV absorbers and stabilizers that can protect your product – period. That’s the ultimate bottom line. In order to get what you need, the additive manufacturer – Tosaf, for example – must understand your specific product specifications, including polymer type, thickness, and use. We would also need to understand the environment in which your product would be operating – including climate, temperature, proximity to chemicals, etc.

    When it comes to UV absorbers, what is Tosaf’s added value?

    At the end, it all boils down to experience, expertise, personnel and technology. We rely on these four components to create truly effective, state-of-the-art UV absorbers that are exactly what our clients need for their products’ longevity. We also rely on these four components to deliver top-notch service. We work together with our clients to understand their needs, and recommend the precise additive for their product objectives. We also provide guidance regarding the use of our additives during the manufacturing process, so that our clients benefit from an optimal product.

    Does Tosaf manufacture other additives that make a significant difference?

    Of course. Our additives are making a significant difference in the world of plastic manufacturing. Our additives range from anti-fog, anti-static and anti-microbial additives to flame retardants and processing aids. Our additives enhance plastic products with qualities that ultimately help them become what they are meant to be.

    Manufacturing UV absorbers is a scientific craft that we are very proud of. Need more information? The Tosaf team will be glad to answer any questions you may have on this crucial additive and its manufacturing process.

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