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    Building & Construction

    Sound Foundations for Your Project

    The dynamic building & construction industry is continuously evolving to meet the increasing demands of modern urbanization, not to mention the rigorous standards prescribed by building regulations. Innovative technologies and sophisticated solutions in plastics, resins and compounds play a key role in improving performance, durability and even esthetic qualities such as color. At Tosaf, we have the solutions you need to support your building & construction customers, while yourself achieving production efficiencies that can reduce your costs and timelines.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Residential housing, commercial buildings and supporting infrastructure must all adhere to rigorous standards prescribed by building regulations, including those aimed at creating environmentally-friendly, high-performance, healthier living spaces. At Tosaf, we have the expertise to ensure compliance of your plastics components.

    New Developments

    Developing products that will dramatically reduce costs of major building projects: glass-like, super light and strong polycarbonate products that withstand all weather conditions and.

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    How Can We Help You?