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    Building & Construction

    Geomembranes & Geo Grids

    High-performance masterbatches for your geo application

    A good geomembrane masterbatch grade will have excellent long-term use, good dispersion and afford very good UV protection. Our range of high-performance masterbatches, specially designed for use in applications such as potable water containment, landfill containment and waterproof tunnel lining, can extend the life of geomembranes produced from a wide range of polymers. They also provide very good dispersion and conform with internationally-recognized standards. The high-quality carbon black that we use delivers superior UV performance, while our advanced stabilization package provides excellent long-term thermal stability and life prediction.



    The right selection of anti-oxidations and UV additives is critical to maintaining the mechanical properties of geosynthetics. We have extensive expertise in additive packages and their incorporation into polymers to produce highly-technical solutions for geosynthetics, so our additive solutions meet and exceed international standards on weathering and ageing, giving regulators and engineers confidence in the durability and long-term integrity of geosynthetic lining systems.

    Chemical resistance

    The ultimate durability of geosynthetic compounds used in municipal solid waste landfill, bunding and chemical separation, is a function of the stress-cracking resistance, the effectiveness of its antioxidation additives, the stresses generated in the geosynthetic applications during installation operation, and the stress-relaxation rate. With our extensive knowledge of polymers and additives, we develop the correct solutions for geosynthetic applications where chemical resistance is required.


    Ensuring good weldability, by eliminating the migration of additives that can cause fusion welding problems, requires careful selection of the correct masterbatch carrier system and additive package. We have the extensive knowledge, expertise and testing to ensure that all critical parameters are met.

    Superior mechanical properties

    Regardless of the polymer being used, our compounds and masterbatches can be formulated to provide the optimal balance of mechanical properties, including environmental stress cracking, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact, hardness, creep resistance, heat deflection temperature, hysteresis and thermal mechanical performance, to give you the widest choice of materials suitable for your application.

    Our Solutions


    UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch

    Long-term exposure to UV radiation compromises the integrity of plastic, making it brittle and prone to cracking or breaking. The masterbatches in Tosaf’s UV light stabilizer range eliminate or vastly reduce the effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation, offering long-term polymer protection.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Minimizes deterioration of mechanical properties

    • Extends high-quality surface appearance

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