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    High performance. Complete integrity

    PE foams are usually produced by extrusion technology. The foam is shaped in tubes, profiles, plates and blocks and used as pipe insulation material, in insulation blocks for applications including household devices, buildings, automotives, packaging and leisure. Our range of additives have been specifically designed to deliver the desired properties, whilst maintaining the integrity of the foam.

    Halogen-free FR masterbatch for PE Foam

    With increased awareness of the effects that halogen-based substances have on the environment, the demand for halogen-free solutions has increased. Our highly-effective halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch for PE Foam meets strict UL94 HF1 & HF2, DIN4102 B1 & B2, EN13501 B Class and FMVSS 302 standards.

    Our Solutions


    FR for PE

    Our vast experience and knowledge of flame-retardant additives allows us to offer a range of tailor-made halogen-based and halogen-free solutions for both cross linked and non-cross-linked PE foam. Using the latest technology, we produce highly concentrated masterbatches that have minimum effect on the foam itself and meet industry standards & regulations.


    • Concentrated FR MB, allows low quantities

    • Thermal resistance

    • Halogen-free solutions for both cross linked and non-cross-linked PE foam


    Chemical Foaming Agents

    Chemical Foaming Agents release gas when decomposed, imparting a cellular structure to the plastic. The gas remains dissolved in the melt while the melt is under pressure, and when the melt is injected into the mold the pressure is reduced allowing the gas to expand the polymer. Available as exothermic or endothermic, Tosaf's cost-effective chemical foaming agents reduce the weight of products, extend product lifecycle and maintain excellent surface finish.


    • Reduces material use

    • Cost effective

    • Enhances production efficiency

    • Environmentally friendly

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