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Superior Additives to Withstand Complex Production

The structure of clear tarpaulin films makes them highly diffusive, so they are a good replacement for conventional PE greenhouse cover in areas that suffer from hail, or have high-speed wind gusts. The superior mechanical properties of tarpaulin also make the material suitable as a replacement for thick HDPE geomembrane, and to be used as pond liner.

Because the production of high-quality tarpaulin involves several complex production methods, we have designed special additives for this application that are resistant to high extrusion temperatures with low plate out.

High chemical resistance UV

Tarpaulin films are produced at very high extrusion temperatures at which the market’s benchmark for UV with high chemical resistant is not stable. We have developed a UV MB that is suitable for these process temperatures, while also giving good UV stability to the polymer when high levels of pesticides are used.


Our Solutions


White for Agriculture

Customizable according to the needs of your specific application, Tosaf's white masterbatch for agriculture offer benefits such as UV resistance, excellent dispersion quality and processing stabilization.


  • High dispersion quality

  • Good processability

  • High UV stability


UV for Agriculture

Protect plastics used in agriculture from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our broad range of UV masterbatches meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide, providing the most suitable and effective solution for your specific climate zone, chemical environment and growing method.


  • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

  • Offers the right UV MB for each crop and growing method

  • Made to suit extreme climate with extensive chemical use