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Bags for Pesticides and Fertilizers

Safe and sound pesticide and fertilizer storage

The bags used to hold pesticides and fertilizers must withstand the extremes of year-round weather conditions and protect the consumer from breathing in or coming into contact with its contents. Standard polymers are permeable to pesticides, but with our PE-compatible barrier masterbatch, barrier film can be produced on a 3-layer extruder.

Barrier MB

Barrier films typically contain either an EVOH or PA layer and are produced on a 5-layer extruder – since neither polymer is compatible with PE, a tie layer is needed. We have developed a barrier MB that is compatible with PE, enabling production of a barrier film on a 3-layer extruder.


Our Solutions


UV for Agriculture

Protect plastics used in agriculture from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our broad range of UV masterbatches meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide, providing the most suitable and effective solution for your specific climate zone, chemical environment and growing method.


  • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

  • Offers the right UV MB for each crop and growing method

  • Made to suit extreme climate with extensive chemical use