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    Greenhouse Films

    Optimizing use of arable land

    As world leaders in our field, we combine decades of experience with the latest technological advances to produce tailor-made UV masterbatch for greenhouse films. Working directly with film manufacturers, we create specialized solutions for precise crop, location and climate requirements, for an end product that helps reduce the need for arable land and maximize yields per acre.

    High chemical resistance UV Masterbatch

    With the implementation of new regulations, many first-generation pesticides have been phased
    out. The increased use of sulphur as a replacement pesticide has created a growing need for high
    chemical resistance UV MB. Our unique UV MB offers a cost-effective solution.

    Permanent Anti-virus UV Masterbatch

    Blocking UV light is an effective way of preventing virus-carrying insects from infecting crops.
    However, the organic UV absorbers traditionally added to greenhouse film have a limited life span – as little as one year in high irradiance areas. Our anti-virus UV MB boosts the effect of the absorbers, creating anti-virus films that offer permanent UV absorption.

    Long lasting anti-fog MB

    When water drips on a crop, it can accelerate the appearance of rot and may cause leaf scorching.
    An anti-fog additive in the film will eliminate this problem, but most anti-fog agents last one year,
    whereas the film itself lasts for two. Our effective anti-fog MB lasts for at least two years.


    Our Solutions


    UV for Agriculture

    Protect plastics used in agriculture from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our broad range of UV masterbatches meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide, providing the most suitable and effective solution for your specific climate zone, chemical environment and growing method.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Offers the right UV MB for each crop and growing method

    • Made to suit extreme climate with extensive chemical use


    Infra Red

    Use of an infra-red masterbatch can increase the temperature inside a greenhouse by 2-3°C, avoiding crop damage caused by night frosts. Tosaf’s wide variety of infra-red masterbatches have been designed to suit conditions in different parts of the world, at different growing seasons.


    • Wide range of optical properties available

    • Increases temperature inside greenhouse by 2-3°C

    • Avoids crop damage caused by night frosts



    Fog forming on plastic obscures visibility. Our anti-fog masterbatches contain innovative additives that migrate to the surface of the film, reducing surface tension between water droplets and polymer surface. As a result, you get excellent optical properties and better product appearance, along with first-rate processing to minimize die build-up and maximize productivity.


    • Increases aesthetic quality

    • Extends product shelf-life

    • Excellent optical properties and enhanced product appearance



    Our Anti-Block additives work best to avoid problems such as ‘blocking’ and reduction of clarity in transparent films.


    • Preventing film blocking during and after processing

    • Optimized production process and performance



    A major obstacle faced by farmers is the reduction in light transmittance caused by the accumulation of dust on greenhouse film. Our anti-dust masterbatch ensures better results when the film is washed between growing seasons.


    • No reduction in light transmittance

    • No accumulation of dust on the film

    • Better results when the film is washed


    Cooling MB

    Increased temperatures inside a greenhouse may affect the viability of a crop’s pollen. Tosaf’s cooling masterbatch resolves this issue and extends the growing season in hot climates, without reducing light transmittance in the PAR and affecting the morphogenesis of the plant.


    • Does not affect the plant's morphogenesis

    • Promotes high yields

    • Extends growing season in hot climates

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