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    Pet Food

    Protective food packaging; because pets deserve the best

    Consumers want to make sure that the food they feed their pets is not only itself high quality, but that its packaging delivers high performance, keeping the food in excellent condition. Packaging innovation in the pet food market has prompted a move away from cans and paper towards differentiated polymers. Our innovative solutions meet the unique and evolving needs of this market.

    Matte finish

    Our newly developed matte delivers a flawless matte finish with a premium chic look and feel, excellent brightness in light transition and no transparency. Based on PE, it is recyclable and does not require additional converting processes. Offering thermal stability, it can replace BOPP or BOPET, enabling our customers to meet the new MONO film trend with a Code#4 film  which is a more environmentally-conscious alternative to matte coatings. The newly-developed matte compound is suitable for PE films within skin layers of 5-7 microns, and provides superb haze (~80%) at a very low gloss (<10).




    Our Solutions


    Anti-Block for Packaging

    Prevent layers of film sticking together during processing, without affecting transparency, or reducing the efficiency of migrating agents through adsorption. Tosaf’s anti-block additives deliver the refractive qualities closest to the specific polymer you are using, resulting in high-quality transparent film.


    • Optimizes production process and performance

    • Preventing film blocking during and after processing

    • Very narrow particle size distribution compared to others on the market


    Slip Additives for film production

    Prevent layers of film sticking together or sliding over each other during production, with Tosaf’s slip additive. Designed according to your applications and production lines, our additives are perfectly balanced to ensure suitable thermal stability for your film process conditions, while avoiding common issues such as blooming, reduced transparency, diminished printing and slipping properties, and increased risk of low bonding strength on laminated structures.


    • Reduced surface friction

    • Stable and efficient film manufacturing process

    • Stable and efficient film packaging

    • Good universal computability without affecting viscosity


    Slip Anti-Block

    The combination of slip and anti-block additives in this masterbatch enables you to avoid significant adsorption of the migrating slip additives by the anti-block agents. With several grades suitable for different types of packaging process, you get an innovative, agile additive that meets several needs at once.


    • Prevents film blocking during and after processing

    • Reduces surface friction

    • Optimizes production processes and performance


    Processing Aid

    Improve the appearance of your packaging film with Tosaf’s extensive range of high-quality Polymer Process Aid (PPA) masterbatches. Specifically designed to enhance the processability of plastics, our masterbatches improve film quality while reducing energy consumption during production.


    • Reduce energy consumption during production

    • Specifically designed to enhance the processability of plastics

    • Improve productivity and quality, and reduce costs

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