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    Shade and Mesh Net

    Optimizing crop protection in open fields

    As a result of global warming, there are more and more parts of the world that have become too hot for crop production inside a greenhouse. Increased temperatures also create a breeding ground for virus-carrying insects. So, farmers in these regions face a considerable challenge in protecting their crops in open fields.

    Net coverings provide a solution: mesh nets, produced with HDPE monofilaments, encourage high light transmittance; shade nets, which are produced with either PE or PP tapes and may be combined with HDPE monofilaments for better mechanical properties, protect crops from the harsh effects of direct sun throughout a growing season or during particularly sunny periods. Our additives have been specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of this application.

    Insect repellent MB

    It is increasingly important to improve air flow in net houses, but in increasing the hole sizes to achieve this, the crops become vulnerable to insects. We have developed an optical insect repellent MB, which mainly affects whiteflies and thrips, to enable crop production at a lower mesh net, whilst providing protection from virus-carrying insects.

    High chemical resistance UV

    Shade and mesh nets are produced at very high extrusion temperatures at which the market’s benchmark for UV with high chemical resistant is not stable. We have developed a UV MB that is suitable for these process temperatures, while also giving good UV stability to the polymer when high levels of pesticides are used.

    Our Solutions


    White for Agriculture

    Customizable according to the needs of your specific application, Tosaf's white masterbatch for agriculture offer benefits such as UV resistance, excellent dispersion quality and processing stabilization.


    • High dispersion quality

    • Good processability

    • High UV stability


    UV for Agriculture

    Protect plastics used in agriculture from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our broad range of UV masterbatches meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide, providing the most suitable and effective solution for your specific climate zone, chemical environment and growing method.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Offers the right UV MB for each crop and growing method

    • Made to suit extreme climate with extensive chemical use

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