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    Making masterbatches seem like child’s play

    The vast majority of toys on the market today are made from plastic. Toy manufacturers are required to meet not only increasingly stringent safety regulations, but also ever-changing consumer tastes.

    At Tosaf, we are able to manufacture almost any color, for any polymer, in almost any amount, and at a competitive price. Our tried and true masterbatches offer the vivid, bright colors that inspire children and fire their imagination, while adhering to the strict requirements of regulations that govern this application.


    Color range

    As well as the 500 standard colors in our product portfolio, we can match any color to find the exact one that you need, and equip it with the relevant additive support.

    Regulatory compliance

    In both our additives and color laboratories, we have a team dedicated to keeping up to date with regulations around the world. Our strict adherence to European and international safety standards guarantees you the highest levels of product safety and first-class quality.

    Our Solutions


    Color for Toys

    We have the technical competence and expertise to create complex colors for use in virtually all polymers, pigments and additives in a range of applications and across different industries. We work with all the European standard EN 71 for toy safety, and international standard 2009/48/EC.


    • Access to our extensive global network of renowned research partners.

    • Extensive technical know how to create complex colors for use in virtually all polymers

    • We can deliver orders as small as 1kg for any of our 500 standard colors.


    Chemical Foaming Agents

    Chemical Foaming Agents release gas when decomposed, imparting a cellular structure to the plastic. The gas remains dissolved in the melt while the melt is under pressure, and when the melt is injected into the mold the pressure is reduced allowing the gas to expand the polymer. Available as exothermic or endothermic, Tosaf's cost-effective chemical foaming agents reduce the weight of products, extend product lifecycle and maintain excellent surface finish.


    • Reduces material use

    • Cost effective

    • Enhances production efficiency

    • Environmentally friendly


    UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch

    Long-term exposure to UV radiation compromises the integrity of plastic, making it brittle and prone to cracking or breaking. The masterbatches in Tosaf’s UV light stabilizer range eliminate or vastly reduce the effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation, offering long-term polymer protection.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Minimizes deterioration of mechanical properties

    • Extends high-quality surface appearance

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