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    For All Your Raffia Needs

    PE and PP raffia is used in a wide range of applications, such as PP bags, Rachel bags, shade nets, laminated PP bags, greenhouse twines, and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC or ‘big bags’).

    FIBC bags are most often made of thick woven polypropylene fabric (usually 70-250 GSM), either coated or uncoated. Their qualities of strength, flexibility, resistance, product protection, space optimization and handling agility make them suitable for packaging dry, flowable products like sand, fertilizer and plastic granules. Our extensive experience working with packaging additives and polypropylene fabric has enabled us to develop a wide range of additives to cover your specific needs.

    The process sensitivity of raffia production makes the selection of MB critically important. Our UV MB are designed to reduce water carry-over (WCO) and to maintain high retention. Our colors are developed from high-heat-resistant pigments with good dispersion, and our white MB contains outdoor TiO2, to prevent polymer degradation and yellowish effect.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Tosaf offers both food-approved and non-food-approved MB, according to customer requirements. To ensure regulatory compliance, we provide the necessary documentation, such as REACH and ROHS, with all our products.


    Due to the sensitivity of this application, even a small reduction in the UV content of the fabric can lead to major failure. We ensure that every batch of production is carefully monitored, and the UV concentration meets your precise specifications.



    Our Solutions


    Flame Retardants

    Considering new regulations around the world, our high concentration FR masterbatches including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, provide self-extinguishing properties and meet market needs.


    • Recyclable

    • Halogen free option

    • Suppressed smoke formation

    • Good process ability

    • Reduced incidence of fire


    Anti Split

    We offer mineral-filled masterbatches, usually based on homopolymer polypropylene resin, to achieve anti-split of the fibers during production


    White Masterbatch


    • Comprehensive Product Range

    • Thermal Stability

    • Excellent Dispersion

    • Highly Concentrated White MB


    Coating Compounds

    Designed to coat both sides of the fabric, our coating compound provides excellent sticking properties, easy processability (without ‘necking’), strength and stiffness.


    • Provides excellent sticking properties

    • Easy processability


    UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch

    Long-term exposure to UV radiation compromises the integrity of plastic, making it brittle and prone to cracking or breaking. The masterbatches in Tosaf’s UV light stabilizer range eliminate or vastly reduce the effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation, offering long-term polymer protection.


    • Prevents premature polymer degrading and failure

    • Minimizes deterioration of mechanical properties

    • Extends high-quality surface appearance


    Color Masterbatch

    Finding an exact color match requires wide-ranging, working knowledge of pigments, polymers and additives. Working with an extensive global network of renowned research partners, Tosaf’s experts have the technical competence to create complex colors for use in virtually any polymer, in a range of applications, across different industries.


    • Backed by vast technical knowhow

    • Complex colors for use in virtually all polymers

    • Orders as small as 1 kg for any of our 500 standard colors


    Anti-Static Additive

    Eliminate the static charge that can cause electric shocks and cause dust to attract to the plastic surface. The migrating molecules in Tosaf’s anti-static masterbatch migrate to the surface, attracting a thin layer of water molecules from the air sufficiently conductive to dissipate the charge. Food approved with no specific migration limit, this solution has an immediate and permanent anti-static effect.


    • Suitable for use in a variety of relative humidity levels, from dry to high moisture

    • Suitable for a broad range of polyolefin and some polystyrene polymers

    • Not corrosive to PC

    • Food approved with no specific migration limit

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