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    Under the Hood

    Your optimal balance of mechanical properties

    With increased demand for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, under-the-hood elements such as powertrains, fuel systems, suspensions and transmissions are today being made with lighter-weight polymers instead of metal.

    We provide masterbatches that give plastics such as polyolefins and engineering plastics such as PP, PA, PC, POM, PBT, PPS, PEEK, TPE and PMMA a range of mechanical properties to ensure you get the most out of every element. Our compounds also come with EMI shielding for automotive sensor and instrument system housing.

    Superior mechanical properties

    We offer a range of compounds and masterbatches that can be formulated to provide the optimal balance of mechanical properties for the widest choice of materials. We’ll make sure you get the tensile strength, flexural strength, impact, hardness, creep resistance, heat deflection temperature, hysteresis and thermal mechanical performance

    Our Solutions


    Flame Retardants

    Considering new regulations around the world, our high concentration FR masterbatches including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, provide self-extinguishing properties and meet market needs.


    • Recyclable

    • Halogen free option

    • Suppressed smoke formation

    • Good process ability

    • Reduced incidence of fire


    Laser Marking

    Laser marking offers shorter marking cycles and lower-energy marking than other methods, and for some polymers it is the only feasible marking option. Whereas standard laser marking products typically offer either dark (light grey to black) marking on a light (or translucent) background, or light (light grey to white) or colorful marking on a dark (black) background, Tosaf offers a complete series of laser marking masterbatches, for use with a wide range of polymers and applications.


    • Fast, Accurate and Precise

    • High Contrast and High Resolution

    • Applicable to Most Polymers

    • Permanent and irremovable


    Electrical Conductive Compounds

    Where permanent electrical conductivity is required, for example in the fuel filler pipe, an accumulation of static electrical charge may cause a problem. Our electrically conductive compounds can be used with various base polymers to minimize the build-up of static electrical charge, including in lower resistivity applications such as EMI shielding.


    • Can be used with various base polymers

    • Minimizes build-up of static electrical charge

    • Can be used in lower resistivity applications


    Thermal Management

    Control thermal loading in black and other-colored surfaces. Tosaf’s range of polymer masterbatches maintain dimensional stability, weather resistance, impact resistance and are anti-electrostatic, while adhering to aesthetic criteria and without making concessions to processability.


    • Maintains dimensional stability

    • Weather and impact resistant

    • Anti-electrostatic


    Thermal Conductive Compound

    While miniaturization of in-vehicle electrical and electronic component reduces both space and weight, increased power densities can lead to high local temperatures which need to be effectively dissipated. Tosaf offers a wide range of thermally-conductive compounds, enabling our customers to combine the advantages of polymers with thermally-conductive filler components.


    • Reduces molding cycle times

    • Inherently low coefficient of thermal expansion lowers mould shrinkage

    • Helps to replace metals and ceramics in dimensionally-critical parts

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