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    Microscopic Battle: Conquer Bacteria with Tosaf’s Antibacterial Solutions

    Versatile additives for a multitude of applications: tackling bacteria, viruses, and fungi with Tosaf’s diverse solutions.

    In our ongoing quest to combat harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses, Tosaf offers a wide range of innovative solutions with antimicrobial activity. Our extensive product portfolio utilizes various technologies to effectively fight infections in diverse fields. From flexible and rigid packaging to medical equipment, construction materials, and even face masks, our protective additives are trusted to provide reliable antimicrobial properties.

    Unique Masterbatches for Disposable Products

    We have developed proprietary antimicrobial and antiviral masterbatches designed specifically for single-use products like PE films for flexible packaging, PP non-woven fabric maps, and BOPP films. These transparent additives offer rapid activation and excellent cost-effectiveness.

    Antibacterial Masterbatches Based on Silver Ions

    Our silver-ion-based masterbatches are approved for food contact and comply with global regulations. They withstand extreme temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius without compromising product transparency. These additives provide long-lasting protection against bacteria and have shown significant efficacy against the coronavirus, offering approximately 97% protection.

    Antimicrobial and Antiviral Masterbatches Based on Zinc Ions

    Using newer technology, our zinc-ion-based masterbatches are transparent, stable at temperatures up to 240oC, have FDA approval and are especially suitable for polyolefins. These additives deliver long-term protection against bacteria and viruses for over 8 years, while also exhibiting effective antifungal properties against various molds.

    Sulfur-based Antifungal Masterbatches

    Our sulfur-based masterbatches exhibit excellent activity against fungi and molds, making them ideal for products that combine wood fibers (WPC) and polyolefins. With high thermal resistance and no impact on product transparency, these additives are recommended for applications in wet or humid environments.

    Customized Antibacterial Masterbatches

    Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with customers to provide precise adjustments and meet specific requirements for antibacterial activity and compliance with regulations. We offer tailored solutions that can be combined with colors and other functional additives such as anti-block, UV additives, and processing aids.

    At Tosaf, we also provide a comprehensive range of solutions in various fields, including agriculture, BOPP films for food applications, and more.

    Explore our portfolio of additives, including UV and IR additives, anti-block agents, flame retardants, foaming agents, and beyond.


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