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    Tosaf Creates a New Antiviral & Antimicrobial Additive to Fight Covid-19

    The protective additive safeguards humanity
    by fortifying protective applications such as masks and medical disposables.

    Alon Tavor, April 28, 2020- In the global fight against Covid-19, Tosaf is developing an antiviral & antimicrobial additive for polyolefin nonwoven fabrics and films, to be used in the production of disposable, medical, protective applications.  Masks, protective apparel and other products produced with this additive, become both antiviral and antibacterial.

    As the world continues its efforts to defeat the rampant epidemic, face masks have and are becoming mandatory in order to prevent the virus from spreading. However, wearing masks does not fully protect individuals from this highly contagious virus. Blocked viral particles that do not penetrate the mask’s barrier can remain on the mask’s surface and infect individuals upon contact and disposal.

    Most protective masks are made of several layers. Tosaf recommends that manufacturers apply the additive when producing the outer layer of the mask for the most cost effective and efficient result. This can help destroy viral particles that land on the outside surface of the mask, eliminating danger to its user. And in cases where the mask user is already carrying the virus, the applied additive can assist killing viral particles that reach the outer layer from the inside, protecting others who may come in contact or proximity.

    The Antiviral, Antimicrobial Additive Project was led by a 3-person team in Tosaf’s R&D Division: R&D Manager, Mrs. Yafit Moyal; Program Manager, Dr. Moira Nir; and Chief Innovation Scientist, Dr. Evgeni Zelikman. The Project was based out of the company’s Alon Tavor, Israeli plant, one of the company’s fifteen production sites located throughout the world

    “Tosaf is one of 35 companies among 750 applicants who were chosen by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and granted funds to develop solutions for the global fight against Covid-19.   Our extensive knowledge and experience in product innovation accumulated over decades of developing in-house solutions for thousands of clients worldwide, puts us in a prime position to tackle this challenge.  We were able to respond quickly and come up with an effective and cost-efficient solution to further protect the global population from Covid-19.  The opportunity to contribute is a great honor.” says Dr. Evgeni Zelikman (Chief Innovation Scientist).



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