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    Additive solutions for environmentally-conscious lighting

    With increasing government regulations and growing consumer concern for the environment, energy efficient lighting products such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have become the preferred choice for commercial and residential applications.

    One of the main challenges in LED design is to be able to create uniform diffused light, with minimal loss of light intensity. We have created additive solutions that do this, and are also lightweight, allow for both high and low environmental temperature conditions, and are economical to manufacture in high volumes.

    Maintain high light transmission

    Diffusing the light from LEDs should not come at the cost of light transmission intensity. We offer products that maintain high light transmission in both polycarbonate and acrylic based LEDs.

    Thermal stability

    Processing LED covers by extrusion or injection molding involves high temperature conditions. All our products for PMMA or PC applications are based on raw materials with high thermal stability.

    Easy to process

    Our LD masterbatches are simple to use in PC or PMMA.  Dosing the masterbatch in the recommended range will result in a smooth process, without any effect on the processing stability or efficiency

    Our Solutions


    Light Diffuser

    Eliminate glare with a unique light diffuser masterbatch or compound from Tosaf’s extensive database. We offer products for use with either polycarbonate or acrylic, to give the precise balance of light diffusion, light transmission, thermal stability and processability qualities that suits your needs.


    • High diffusion balance

    • High thermal stability

    • High light transmission

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    How Can We Help You?