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    Tosaf Flame Retardants, Israel


    Tosaf FR Center is a modern production plant established in 2021 in the Mevout Gilboa Industrial Zone in northern Israel, which focuses on FR in an expanded production capacity. In addition to the plant itself, the center contains a state-of-the-art laboratory and an impressive flame retardant standard testing center.

    Tosaf’s goal is to focus on and specialize in the flame retardant market, and to become an industry leader. The FR market is one of the fastest growing segments in the plastic industry, and investing in an advanced FR Center is one of Tosaf’s top priorities.

    The FR Center’s mission is to improve response times, enhance accurate product offer accuracy, and build a solid foundation for FR excellence.


    Exceptional Service

    We understanding that our customers’ success is dependent on their ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and marketplace changes. Therefore, we provide a seven-working day project response time.


    Innovative & Cost-Effective

    Relying on state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing equipment available in the compounding industry, we provide our customers with innovative and extremely cost-effective solutions for their additive, color and compounding requirements.


    You Say What, When and How Much

    Using a wide range of advanced flame retardant equipment, we are able to support all of our customers’ needs in-house, from testing most market standards and testing mechanical properties, to development and production. Small and customized or large and competitively priced, our customers can trust us to develop and deliver their masterbatch and compound requirements quickly and efficiently.


    We’ve Got You Covered

    The FR industry has strict regulation requirements. At our FR Center, we are able to perform most of the standards, or in some cases, a simulation for standards, in order to provide the most accurate, efficient and quick market offering.



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    Mr. Oren Moshe

    HaGilboa‘, Israel
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    How Can We Help You?