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Our comprehensive range of black masterbatches are used extensively throughout the plastics industry. With properties such as UV protection, improved processability and consistency with enhanced compound properties (such as stiffness, impact resistance, tear and puncture resistance), you can give your customers the specific attributes they need for their application, in a customized, cost-effective solution that ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

Building on more than 50 years of experience of polymers and polymer processing of additives, we operate state-of-the-art, fully-automated, continuous mixers in our processes, specially configured for optimal mixing and dispersion, while protecting the integrity of the polymer and its properties.

Through careful selection of the polymer carrier and additive systems, we have developed a black masterbatch that provides the optimal balance of properties, giving designers and specifiers the widest choice of materials.


Comprehensive product range

We produce an extensive range of black masterbatch products suitable for a broad range of product specifications, from low molecular weight, low melting point amorphous materials thorough ultra-high molecular weight, high melting point semi-crystalline polymers. This breadth of choice makes us the ideal partner for polymer producers, compounders, fabricators and specifiers looking for innovative, one-stop solutions.

Technical competence

Identifying the correct type of black, whether it is a specific carbon black, graphite, graphene or pigment dye, requires wide-ranging expertise. As well as supplying general purpose black masterbatches, we have the technical competence to create specific functionality, such as UV protection or enhanced appearance, taking into account your particular requirements in terms of polymer type, and short-term dynamic or long-term mechanical performance. Our colors are used in a range of applications, across industries as diverse as agriculture, automotive, construction, household goods, utilities, chemical, and domestic and industrial textiles & fibers.


Our sales and technical teams on the ground offer a truly personal service, working closely with you to find the exact masterbatch formulation you require. We are flexible enough to meet the needs of clients large or small, across a range of industries, working with a variety of polymers. Whether you need 25kg of masterbatch or bulk container-loads, we can deliver.

Global knowledge

We bring all the benefits of our global reach to your local market. Our masterbatches come with the relevant approvals, and we can advise you on compliance with your local regulations and legislation. We are also up to date with the latest innovations from around the world in raw materials, and have access to the most efficient, cost-effective supply chains.

Industrial Applications


Tosaf’s wide range of black masterbatches have been designed for use across the agricultural industry, in different climates, with diverse crop types. In applications such as mulch film, silage stretch wrap, greenhouse film and irrigation products, our solutions address key requirements specific to this industry, including high opacity, low cost, mechanical strength, thin gauge extrusion, UV protection and stability, controlled clarity, heat/light transmission, engineered surface tension properties, chemical resistance and high-speed extrusion.

Building & Construction

Whether used in external building, pipes, fittings or accessories, our black masterbatches are designed to incorporate functional additives that deliver crucial properties, such as flame retardancy, UV resistance, puncture and tear resistance, color fastness and mechanical stability - all important features when selecting the right film for this application. Custom-made masterbatches and compounds can also be formulated to meet your customers’ specific requirements.

Electrical & Electronics

Through our extensive experience as a partner of choice to the electrical and electronics sector, we have developed a range of black masterbatches specially formulated for electrical insulation. Incorporating properties such as low friction and thermal loading control, our range of polymer masterbatches maintain dimensional stability, weather resistance, impact resistance and anti- electrostatic, and adhering to esthetic criteria, without making concessions to processability.


With a keen understanding of the high demands of the automotive industry, we have designed a range of black masterbatches that offer an ideal mix of properties, from scratch and mar resistance, to thermal management. Whether used to color bumpers, exterior trim or roof boxes, made of polyamide, polypropylene or plastics such as PC or PBT, we will provide you with the solution that meets your customer’s specific needs.


As packaging designers are challenged to create new and exciting effects to help influence consumer buying behavior, we offer black masterbatches suitable for packaging made from polyolefins (PE, PP), styrenic polymers (GPPS, HIPS, ABS, SAN including foam applications), polyesters (PBT, PET, aPET, cPET), PVC and polycarbonate. These solutions meet regulations relating to packaging and packaging waste, such as 94/62/EC, EU10/2011 and other associated standards. For specialized packaging where electrical conductivity is needed, our range of E-Tec™ electrostatically dissipative (ESD) and conductive compounds have been specially formulated to provide optimal mechanical performance, coupled with good processabilty.

Home, Sport & Leisure

Whether you’re producing toys, cosmetics packaging, hand tools or sporting items, using thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers or thermoplastic vulcanizates, we can create the precise black masterbatch that you need. Working with your designer, we shall create a solution that not only meets your functional requirements, but also takes into account all relevant standards and regulations, including toxicity and sustainability.

Textile & Fibers

Specializing in supplying manufacturers of melt spun fibers and bulk continuous filament tape between 9 and 2,200 decitex, we are one of the most trusted suppliers of high-dispersion black masterbatches for woven and non-woven tapes. For products designed for outdoor use, such as ropes, cables and nets made from polyamide, polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene, we can supply a black masterbatch with high UV protection and chemical resistance, coupled with excellent light fastness.


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