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Imagine what would happen to our skin if we spent endless hours exposed to direct sun radiation? The same goes for Polymers. Polymers are sensitive to UV light radiation, which can cause significant damage to them. Most polymers absorb the UV light and it negatively affects their expected lifetime. The irradiation level to which the polymer is exposed along with its thickness and the additives it contains will determine its overall lifetime. In creating optimal light stabilization, choosing the right UV package is essential. It may be one of the most important parameters determining service life and each products unique characteristics and service conditions must be taken into consideration – Climate exposure, chemical environment, Color, life expectancy and others.

UV additives provide long-term polymer protection by either absorbing the harmful UV radiation transmitted by the sun or by performing like an antioxidant, extending the products life and reducing premature degradation.

In Agriculture UV additives serve to prevent premature polymer degrading and failure, and to secure crop wellbeing. Choosing the right UV package is crucial to achieving this: it should match the relevant climate, pesticides, growing techniques and of course the crop itself.

In construction, various UV additive grades serve to protect solid or multi-wall sheets, as well as pipes and fittings from solar radiation, minimizing the deterioration of mechanical properties, and surface appearance over time. Our range of masterbatch eliminates or vastly reduces the effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation and are compatible with the other additives used for the production of these products.

Our range of high-UV masterbatches for the automotive industry eliminates or vastly reduces the effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation.

The use of UV stabilizers for industrial films is crucial to assure their performance in the different climate zones. Choosing the right UV package will ensure easy processing, cost-effective solution, and long-term performance.

Some of the products we pack are sensitive to UV light. To protect these products we offer UV MB for the packaging industry. These UV MB contain UV absorbers that completely absorb UV light thus protecting the packaged content.



Tosaf offers an innovative range of additives that help protect products made from polymers from light and heat degradation.

Sharing with you our know-how and years of experience, we will advise on which UV light stabilizers to use, how to use them and in what quantities, to optimize them for both your production process and end-user applications.

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  •   Absorption of harmful UV radiation
  •   Long-term polymer protection
  •   Prevent premature polymer degrading and failure
  •   Minimizing the deterioration of mechanical properties
  •   Extended high-quality surface appearance


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