Colloids (Knowsely), United Kingdom

Colloids Ltd. is part of the Tosaf group of companies, one of the plastic industry's leading multinational suppliers of masterbatch / concentrates. With a global reach, over 75% of Colloids' production is exported to a vast range of countries including those in Europe, NAFTA and AP regions.

Our purpose-built production facility in the United Kingdom offers the ideal base to manufacture black, colour / color, white, additive, bespoke and combination polymer masterbatch / concentrates to exacting quality and technical standards.

At Colloids we have the "know how" and technical expertise to guide our customers in achieving the perfect masterbatch solution. We can help you meet your buying requirements by offering custom designed solutions together with a comprehensive range of standard masterbatches. Whether your aim is to achieve excellent technical performance, a cost effective solution or a combined approach, Colloids can help.

More detailed information on our comprehensive masterbatch range can be found on our website or alternatively please contact our customer service team at

Contact Information

Address|Kirkby Bank Road, Knowsley Industrial Park North, Merseyside L33 7SY
Telephone|+44 (0) 151 546 9222
Fax|+44 (0) 151 545 4741
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