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When condensation occurs in food packaging and agricultural (greenhouse film) applications, usually as a result of temperature fluctuations, water drops form on the film, making it hard to see what is inside, or as in agricultural applications reducing light transmission, leading to slower growth, lower crop yields and inducing produce decay. Damage to vegetation and plants might also occur due to sunlight lens effect. The condensation of water vapor on the surface of transparent sheet or film is typically considered not only to be not aesthetically pleasing but might also increase the deterioration rate of produce as well as other products.



Our anti-fog masterbatches contain innovative additives that migrate to the surface of the film, reducing the surface tension with the water so that, instead of drops, the water forms a thin, uniform layer that does not obscure visibility. As a result, you get excellent optical properties and better product appearance, along with first-rate processing to minimize die-build-up and maximize productivity.

In over 30 years of working side by side with our customers, Tosaf has developed an innovative range of anti-fog masterbatches that help reduce the harmful effects of condensation.

Sharing with you our know-how and years of experience, we will advise on which anti-fog masterbatches to use, how to use them and in what quantities, to optimize them for both your production process and end-user applications.

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  •   Extended product shelf-life
  •   Reduced surface tension between water droplets and polymer surface
  •   Increased package aesthetically
  •   Anti-fogging performance that lasts the lifetime of the packaged food
  •   Give the ability to run lamination and printing process as well without any limitation of adhesion force


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Adi Afriat

Technical Support Manager


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