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    Masterbatch: Adding Valuables Qualities to Plastic

    Plastic products are more complex than meets the eye. Every great plastic product contains certain characteristics that make it advantageous. The elements that provide these characteristics are called masterbatches.

    In this article, we will explore the definition of masterbatch, with regards to the plastic industry. We’ll try to cover as much ground as we can, from outlining a general definition to discussing the various kinds of masterbatches used in the plastic industry – and much more. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them. Simply reach out to our team via phone or email. Let’s get started!

    What exactly is a Masterbatch?

    A masterbatch is a substance that is engineered specifically to add certain qualities to a plastic product. The masterbatch is added to the plastic product during the raw polymer stage. In essence, masterbatches are additives that can either give the product a certain color, or provide it with advantageous qualities that prolong its durability, safety and much more. Masterbatches are packaged and delivered to plastic manufacturers in pellet form.

    Let’s Talk about Color Masterbatches

    Masterbatches are used extensively to color a wide variety of plastic products from numerous industries – from toys and pipes to packages and car parts. What’s great about masterbatch technology is that it can create just about any color shade or hue the customer wants. So the next time you see a plastic item with an astonishing shade of maroon (or any other beautiful color), then just remember that it all started with masterbatch pellets.

    There are two color masterbatches that stand out from all the rest. The white masterbatch is an essential additive for various types of processes associated with coated and laminated plastic, which is used extensively throughout industry processes – such as extrusion coating. The black masterbatch is highly popular among manufacturers who produce black colored plastics, mainly because it can prolong the product’s lifecycle, or, in the case of packaging – it looks great and stands out on the shelf. We may think of black color as having one shade, but this is far from true. In fact, black color comes in many shades, and black masterbatch is often ordered as carbon black, graphite black and more. Each hue has its own performance enhancing qualities, from UV absorption to better durability.

    Why Choose Tosaf Color Masterbatches?

    Tosaf is a leading global color masterbatch manufacturer. Our color masterbatches are truly state-of-the-art, and are expertly designed by our R&D team. Having said that, what makes our color operation truly special is our commitment to great service. The trademark Tosaf Color Service is built around several key pillars:

    • Localization: Our vast global network of color laboratories allows us to serve our customers under their own terms, close to their own operations. We speak their language.
    • Personalization: Our experts can customize specific color solutions that address both new and existing customer needs. If our customers want us to create a new solution just for them, we are happy to comply.
    • Quickness: Our customers want to move fast, and that’s something we can empathize with. We make sure to design our color schemes and deliver our products with utmost quickness.
    • Consultation: We believe that quality is a product of dialogue. It is created through collaboration. We enjoy meeting with our customers, listening to their needs, and explaining the various solutions that we can provide them. In the end, we strive to make mutual decisions, which are based on transparent data and a thorough thought process.
    • Innovation: When it comes to color, we invest in technology. It’s that simple. Innovative technology allows us to maximize our color offering and take our service to a new level. But innovation isn’t limited to cutting-edge laboratories and machinery; it starts with a professional mindset that influences the entire R&D process. Innovation is a culture.

    Product Enhancing Masterbatches

    here’s almost no limit to the advantages that certain masterbatches can provide plastic products. It is a well-known industry fact that masterbatches greatly enhance the qualities of plastic products, which translates into a myriad of benefits. Here are just several of the effects that masterbatches can have on specific products:

    • A protective shield: Like all materials, polymers are impacted by external conditions such as climate, UV rays, chemical interference, and more. These conditions can reduce the products’ functionality and shorten their lifecycle. Protective masterbatches added to raw polymers can safeguard plastic products from these external conditions.
    • Flame retardancy & anti-static: Plastics can burn pretty easily, and that is why there are strict regulations pertaining to plastic use in electronics and other industries. As a result, many products must include flame retardant masterbatches that create thermal stability. The same goes for static, as plastic can give off an electric charge in certain weather conditions. To avoid this, anti-static masterbatches are integrated into the product.
    • It’s all about the process: The plastic manufacturing process can be rather complex. In order to create a more seamless, stable and cost-effective process – or in other words, to increase the polymer’s processability – many manufacturers choose to add processing aid masterbatches.

    Enjoy the Tosaf masterbatch advantage

    Tosaf’s masterbatch portfolio is trusted and used by key industry players all over the world. We are constantly expanding our masterbatch offering. Here’s a partial list of our leading solutions:

    A few words about cost-effectiveness

    It’s no secret that manufacturers want to lower their production costs. Yet they do not want their cost-effectiveness to hamper quality. This is where Tosaf’s masterbatches can really help. Many of our masterbatches are designed for cost-efficient use, and are inherently flexible from a production standpoint. Quality and functionality come first, but in many cases, cost-effectiveness is also addressed.

    Masterbatch production is a unique expertise, and no one does it quite like Tosaf. Want more information about our masterbatch portfolio? Looking for expert consultation regarding your dynamic needs? We’ll be glad to help. Contact us today!

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