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    Additive Masterbatch: Adding Character to Plastic Products

    Plastic products have many qualities, many of which are achieved by infusing additive masterbatches into the raw polymer, prior to final production. The inclusion of additive masterbatches into the raw polymer helps create products that are easier to process, more durable to external conditions, and much more. Matching a specific product with the right high-quality additive masterbatch is more than a scientific expertise. It’s an art. And if you ask our clients, it is something Tosaf does very well.

    What is an Additive Masterbatch?

    An additive masterbatch is a substance that is specifically conceived, designed and manufactured to enhance a plastic product with a quality (or qualities) that improve it in some way. Plastic manufacturers add the additive masterbatch, which they receive from the masterbatch manufacturer in pellet form, to the raw polymer.

    What Kind of Traits Can an Additive Masterbatch Add to the Plastic Product?

    There are a vast number of qualities that can be added to plastic products via an additive masterbatch. In this article, we’ll focus on several main categories – while also sharing some of Tosaf’s unique additive masterbatch innovations.

    • Processing Aids: Plastic products are produced via a complex production process. The easier it is to process raw polymers, the smoother and simpler the process becomes. Processing aids are additive masterbatches that can enhance the processability of a wide range of products, from pipes and film to cables and packaging materials. As a result, manufacturers enjoy a process that is not only more seamless, but is also quicker and more cost-effective.
    • Flame Retardants: Many plastic products are required by regulations to include flame retardant additives, which can be very effective in the event of conditions that can potentially lead to a fire. Flame retardants are required for plastics that cover electric cables, for example. Tosaf has an extensive FR additive portfolio (both halogen-based and halogen-free), including the new MB FR7607PC, which is intended for low gauge PC sheets.
    • Anti-Statics: Static electricity is a well-know problem in plastic products, due to the electric charge that appears on low conductivity surfaces. Anti-static additive masterbatches dissipate the electric charge. Tosaf’s anti-statics, which are tailored to specific industry needs, are known for their non-corrosive properties and immediate effect.  
    • UV Stabilizers: UV light can seriously damage plastic over time, changing its original color and reducing its lifecycle. In order to prolong the service life of products that are used for many years in outdoor conditions, plastic manufacturers incorporate UV stabilizing additives.
    • Anti-Fogs: Fog on plastic is a common occurrence, and can hamper visibility. Anti-fog additives prevent fogging by turning moisture drops into a thin layer that does not tamper with the plastic’s optical qualities.
    • Anti-Blocks: polyolefin film layers have a tendency to stick together, causing a wide range of logistic problems. This challenged is solved via anti-block additives. Tosaf’s innovative anti-block additives take things to the next level, effectively coping with side effects such as bad transparency.
    • BOPE Additives: BOPE film is a growing trend among plastic film manufacturers, who are looking to produce film that is easier to recycle and that has optimized mechanical properties. Tosaf’s BOPE additives incorporate anti-block, anti-slip, anti-fog and anti-static properties. These additives also offer heightened flexibility in accordance with different manufacturing demands.
    • Antiviral & Antimicrobial: Not long after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tosaf developed an ingenious additive masterbatch that is added to plastic-based masks and protective gear, and which helps extinguish viral and microbial pathogens that migrate onto their surfaces.

    Why Choose Tosaf Additive Masterbatches?

    Tosaf is a leading additive masterbatch manufacturer. Our clients choose our additives time and time again because of their high quality. But that is not the only reason. Our global presence and quick delivery also play a central role. And to top it all off, our R&D department is highly innovative, responding to specific client challenges and developing new additives on a regular basis.

    If you’re looking for superior additive masterbatch solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to send you all the information on our extensive additive masterbatch portfolio. Get in touch today!

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