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A Word from the CEO

"We look like a product company, but we provide a service: creating solutions that help our clients grow, develop and increase their bottom line."

Amos Megides


Since establishing Tosaf, I have always been very clear on one thing: that our purpose is to provide our clients with real value. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering the cheapest solution. What it does mean is delivering better cost performance, allowing them to better serve their customers and increase their bottom line.

We’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. We work directly with their R&D, production or purchasing departments to uncover genuine pain points, developing relationships that last for years, while ensuring that we ourselves stay challenged, curious, and involved. Because when you’re personally invested in your work, you make sure you find the best possible solution to any given challenge.

There are three pillars that I have always believed would drive our success, these have indeed proven their worth and continue to keep us on a steady path of growth and success. These pillars are: Service, Quality and Innovation.

Service – doing our homework, learning each client’s industry, processes, technology and needs, as well as having sales people and warehouses on the ground ready to deliver anywhere, anytime.

Quality – not only investing in the latest machinery and technologies to ensure the highest standards, but also continuously learning, attending conferences and exhibitions, establishing the highest levels of professionalism and looking towards the future needs of each of the industries we serve.

Innovation – having an R&D center with over 60 qualified professionals, experienced technicians and PhD researchers, working together to develop unique and specific solutions to the complex challenges and ever changing market demands faced by our clients.

These are the pillars on which our company stands, and these are the areas in which we will always continue to invest funds and resources.


Amos Megides

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tosaf





  • Long term relationship oriented company
  • Innovation is not a goal. It’s our way of doing business
  • Local presence to better understand customer needs
  • In depth market knowledge
  • Creative solution provider
  • Service tailored to customers' needs
  • A global company with the agility of a startup
  • Strong customer oriented culture
  • Driven by quality