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With increased demand for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, under-the-hood elements such as powertrains, fuel systems, suspensions and transmissions, are today being made with lighter-weight polymers instead of metal.

Semi-crystalline polymers typically have higher melt temperatures and are resistant to fuel, chemicals and other solutions used within the car engine. The properties of these polymers are usually enhanced with short glass-fiber fillers. Polyolefins, such as PE and PP, are also used in battery casings, battery brackets, fluid vessels, clutch master cylinder reservoirs and vacuum reservoirs.

We provide masterbatches for plastics such as polyolefins and for engineering plastics such as PP, PA, PC, POM, PBT, PPS, PEEK, TPE and PMMA. Our compounds are provided with EMI shielding for the housing of automotive sensor and instrument systems.


Superior mechanical properties

For the widest choice of materials suitable for your application, regardless of the polymer being used, we offer a range of compounds and masterbatches that can be formulated to provide the optimal balance of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, impact, hardness, creep resistance, heat deflection temperature, hysteresis and thermal mechanical performance.

Our Products

Fire Resistance

Materials used in the passenger compartment of vehicles need to have a high degree of burn resistance, to give the occupants time to escape in the event of a fire. Our range of formulations provide fire resistance and a safe reaction to fire.

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Thermal management

Car surfaces can become very hot due to radiant heat, affecting energy consumption required for cooling, and the durability and integrity of the material itself. Our range of polymer masterbatches allow you to design polymer compounds that control thermal load.

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Electrical Conductive Compounds

Where permanent electrical conductivity is required, an accumulation of static electrical charge may cause a problem, for example in the fuel filler pipe. Our electrical conductive compounds can be used with various base polymers to minimize the buildup of static electrical charge, including in lower resistivity applications such as EMI Shielding.

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Thermal Conductive Compounds

While miniaturization of in-vehicle electrical and electronic component reduces both space and weight, increasing power densities can lead to high local temperatures which need to be effectively dissipated. Our range of thermal conductive compounds is ideally suited to this application.

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Laser marking

We offer a number of technical solutions for laser marking in PP, PS, ABS, PA6, PA66, to enhance the effect of the laser to either improve charring, to create a dark mark, or improve foaming to create a light/white mark. Our formulations have all been proven and colorants are selected to enhance the marking effect.

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