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Stadium seats is a challenging application which requires high-end coloring solutions that offer fire resistance, UV protection as well as robust mechanical properties. These are qualities that are heavily regulated and need to hold up over many years, under extreme conditions.

As one of the leading producers in the world of masterbatch and compounds for stadium seats, we have developed solutions that are tailored to this hard-wearing application, combining protection from weathering, UV, and fire, while meeting the standards and regulations that apply in your region. Using the right color pigments, we are also able to ensure the vitality and esthetics of the color in the long term.



Our products have been tested for weathering over 10 years, according to Xenon arc ISO 4892-2/SAE J1960.


We have supplied masterbatch to many large stadium seat projects around the world, including Europe, Middle East, US, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We were also proud to be the first company to meet the strict FIFA regulations, supplying compounds to 7 out of 12 stadiums for the Brazil World Cup.

Regulatory compliance

Tosaf stadium seat solutions meet regulations such as UL-94 V2, UL-94 V0, Crib 5, 755, NF P92-507, Din4102 B1, AS/NZ S1503.3, M1 and others. We can also advise you on your local regulations to ensure that you are compliant.

Our Products

Fire Retardancy

Stadium fires can be fatal. Seating must have a high degree of fire retardancy, and a safe reaction to fire so that noxious gases do not escape as the plastic gets overheated. Our formulation helps to achieve both these qualities, and can be customized to meet any relevant local regulatory requirements.

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UV Protection

Long-term exposure to UV will compromise the integrity of the plastic, making it brittle and prone to cracking or breaking. Our UV protection additives keep the plastic robust.

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We are the only company in our field that has tried and tested a range of 20 colors for weathering over time. We can also customize additional colors to ensure that you get the exact color you are looking for, with the properties you require.

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