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Caps and closures have become complex, engineered products. They need to allow multi-usage, be resealable and securely contain the contents of the bottle, tub or tube. Easy to process and exceptionally recyclable, thermoplastic materials are ideal for use in the production of caps and closures.

We have developed several unique and innovative solutions that modify the coefficient of friction – the ratio between the amount of force needed to remove the cap, and the pressure needed for the closure of the container – ensuring that the cap or closure is easy to remove and replace, while providing an efficient seal that protects the contents from spillage or leakage.

Color too plays a critical role in caps and closures. Products and brands are now identified with specific colors that must follow throughout the brand, regardless which polymer matrix is being used. Color formulations also need to take into consideration strict regulatory specifications in order to guarantee no migration or alteration of the content. To this end, we develop specific solutions to meet all technical requirements, without compromising the color aspect. We are also able to tailor our masterbatches for caps and closures to avoid any organoleptic influence on the packed product.




The properties of a plastic cap or closure must give it the desired coefficient friction, without affecting the taste, appearance, smell or texture of the container’s content. Our innovative slip additive solutions achieve the perfect balance.


Caps and closures is one of the largest segments in the packaging market, used for product families such as beverages, cosmetics, and chemicals. At Tosaf, we have the knowledge and experience required to choose the right colors to prevent unexpected shrinkage and warpage, and provide outstanding stress crack resistance.

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Slip additives are designed to make production easier. In this segment, slip additives play an additional role, making the machining of the end product smoother as well. While increasing the percentage of usages to allow high speed production, caution must be taken regarding effects on the taste, appearance and smell of the product being stored in the container. You also need to ensure that the thermal stability of the slip additives used is suitable for the relevant process conditions. With over 20 years of experience, we can ensure that all these issues are taken care of.

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We offer you the advantage of both slip and anti-block additives in one masterbatch, so you can avoid significant adsorption of the migrating slip additives by the anti-block agents. Our range includes several grades suitable for different types of packaging processes, so you get an innovative, agile additive that meets several needs at once.

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Polyolefin materials are not conductive, so they accumulate static electricity which can cause films to stick to each other or other surfaces, pick up of dust, and even sudden discharge as sparks, causing fires. Our anti-static masterbatches contain migrating molecules which migrate to the surface and attract a thin layer of water molecules from the air, which is sufficiently conductive to dissipate the charge. Our wide range of masterbatches meets different needs, making them suitable for use in a variety of relative humidity levels, from dry to high moisture.

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Processing Aid

Our extensive range of Polymer Process Aid (PPA) masterbatches have been specifically designed to enhance the processability of plastics, such as PE film, pipes and tubes, to improve productivity and quality, and reduce costs.

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Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to choose the right colors to prevent unexpected shrinkage and warpage, and provide outstanding stress crack resistance.

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