Bags for pesticides and fertilizers

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Whether for private use or on farms, fertilizer and pesticide bags should be robust and able to withstand year-round weather conditions. Tosaf’s special UV package protects the bags from premature failure that can lead to loss of content, without reacting with the content itself.


Barrier MB

The bag used to hold pesticides must protect the consumer from breathing in or coming into contact with its contents. Standard polymers are permeable to pesticides, but by using a film with a barrier layer to produce the bags, migration of the pesticides can be eliminated. Barrier films contain either an EVOH or PA layer and are produced on a 5-layer extruder. Since neither polymer is compatible with PE, a tie layer is needed. We have developed a barrier MB that is compatible with PE, enabling production of a barrier film on a 3-layer extruder.

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Our special UV package will not react with the bag’s contents, while protecting the bag from premature failure that would lead to the loss of its content.

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Our special combination of yellow color will not interact with pesticides or fertilizers, and has high light fastness and weatherability, combined with a special UV package that will protect the bag without reacting with its contents.

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