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The growing trend of building covered sports stadiums has led to an increased demand for artificial turf. Artificial turf does not need sunlight or watering, and is more durable to the effects of sports players running over it, making it ideal for the large spaces and heavy use of the sports ground. But this demanding application requires grass fibers with excellent mechanical properties, good UV stability and consistent color.


Color consistency

Artificial turf is mainly produced for use in large stadiums. Color consistency is of great importance, because patches of different colors will be highly visible when viewed from the tiered seating. Tosaf produces highly accurate colors with very high consistency from batch to batch.

Long-term UV resistance

Colors used in artificial turf need to be resistant to UV light for the entire life expectancy of the turf tapes. Our masterbatches provide the required long-term UV resistance.

Our Products

Color + UV combi

Our Color and UV combi masterbatch has been designed specifically for the artificial turf application. It gives excellent UV stability, good processability and batch-to-batch color consistency.

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