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The majority of polymer materials are known to be susceptible to oxidative degradation during high-temperature melt processing, long-term storage and throughout end use.

Degradation is caused as a result of the collective actions of shear, temperature, and oxygen during processing and is known to lead to a number of undesirable effects, such as discoloration, melt viscosity changes, high processability, and poor polymer processing, especially during multiple heat histories.

Functional antioxidant additives are commonly used and are noticeably effective in maintaining the polymer property profile during manufacturing, delaying breakdown and protecting plastics against Oxidation degradation.


Oxidation during extrusion can be avoided by incorporating a secondary antioxidant material, usually phosphates. Long-term aging at temperatures below melting point can be avoided by incorporating primary antioxidant, such as hindered phenols.

Thanks to a game-changing additive developed at Tosaf, we can avoid the chemical reaction that inhibits oxidation and degrades polymer chains. Taking into account steps in the extrusion process that can partially consume the added antioxidants, we can create a film recipe to ensure that there is enough antioxidant additive to last for the useful life of the film.

In over 30 years of working side by side with our customers, Tosaf has developed an innovative range of functional antioxidant additives that help reduce the harmful effects of oxidative degradation.

Sharing with you our know-how and years of experience, we will advise on which antioxidant additives to use, how to use them and in what quantities, to optimize them for both your production process and end-user applications.

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  •   Avoiding oxidation damage during extrusion
  •   Less clean-up downtime
  •   Higher equipment operating efficiency
  •   Free-flowing, easy-to-handle pellets 
  •   Minimized dusting, improving workplace hygiene
  •   Discoloration rate reduction


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